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Health Insurance

Coverage Dates: Payment Portal Opens
(1st Day for Payment):
Cost for Students: Additional Cost Per Dependent:
Spring 2020 03/30/2020 – 06/21/2020 02/18/2020 $400.00 $400.00
Summer 2020 06/22/2020 – 09/19/2020 05/12/2020 $400.00 $400.00

How to Pay for Your Insurance

Please follow the step-by-step guide, “How to pay for Health Insurance” to pay for your health insurance. If you have any troubles, please contact the OISS at oie.insurance@pcc.edu

Insurance Holds

An international health insurance hold will be placed on your MyPCC account before class registration begins. To have your hold removed, you must pay for your mandatory international student health insurance through Pacific Source’s payment portal.

  • Monday, 02/17/2020: Hold will be placed on your MyPCC account.
  • Tuesday, 02/18/2020: Health insurance payment portal opens, and you can make a payment.
  • Monday, 02/24/2020: PCC Class registration begins.
  • Monday, 03/30/2020: Deadline for health insurance payment.
Please be aware that payments made over the weekend will be processed during OISS hours the next available business day. 


We receive payment reports from Pacific Source each Friday. When we receive this report, we will remove holds from all students’ accounts who have paid.

You can also show proof of payment and have your hold removed by:

  • emailing a copy of your confirmation email or a screenshot of your payment portal (InTouch) history to oie.insurance@pcc.edu


  • going to your campus OISS and showing the front desk Office Assistant or International Student Advisor your confirmation email or payment portal (InTouch) history.

For any additional questions or if you need help signing in to your Pacific Source account, please email us at oie.insurance@pcc.edu

PCC International Student Health Insurance Requirements

PCC International student health insurance is required and mandatory for all PCC F-1 students (only exception: government-sponsored students).

Why? The cost of healthcare in the United States is extremely high. You must have medical insurance to protect yourself from these high costs.

Please do not buy health insurance coverage from your home country because it will not be accepted by PCC.

Pacific Source Health Insurance

PCC has an excellent and low-cost plan for international students through Pacific Source. For all the details on this plan, visit the Pacific Source website.

For questions about Pacific Source coverage and benefits, contact them at studenthealth@pacificsource.com or +1-541-284-7961.

For questions about your eligibility or payments, contact oie.insurance@pcc.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who must be covered by PCC international student health insurance?
    • All F-1 students with I-20s from PCC must be covered through Pacific Source. At this time PCC does not accept substitutes or waivers for this requirement.
    • F-2 dependents (husband/wife, children) are strongly encouraged to get coverage through Pacific Source.
  2. How much does PCC international health insurance cost?
    • The insurance costs $400 per term per person covered.
  3. When must international students be covered by PCC international student health insurance?
    • During Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms,
    • During vacation terms,
    • While on OPT, and
    • During reduced course load terms.
  4. What if my health insurance is covered by my government-sponsored scholarship?
    • You must have a valid financial guarantee or government sponsorship letter on file with the Office of International Student Services and Third Party Billing.
    • Your financial guarantee or government sponsorship letter must be valid for the entire term you intend to use it.
    • If your financial guarantee or government sponsorship letter has expired, you must submit a new financial guarantee or government sponsorship.
    • You must submit your financial guarantee or government sponsorship letter in-person or by email. If you want to email us your financial guarantee, email it to BOTH oie.insurance@pcc.edu AND sam.loughery@pcc.edu.
    • If you are covered for only insurance (not tuition), then you must submit a government sponsorship letter. The letter must include:
      • Your full name
      • That you are covered by your government’s insurance while attending PCC
      • That you are covered for repatriation and medical evacuation
      • The dates of coverage