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New Issue of Letter & Line!

The Students of WR246: Editing & Publishing on the Sylvania Campus

Welcome to the Winter 2023 edition of Letter & Line literary magazine. In this short publication, we aim to specifically highlight the voices of the Pacific Northwest as represented by the Portland Community College community. The writing and art in this issue highlight our surroundings, from the city streets of downtown Portland to the “green, green, and green” motifs found throughout Forest Park. These pieces also speak to the value of appreciation for the small things, accessing our vulnerability, sharing our experiences, and ultimately, building and strengthening our community.

The issue can be accessed on ISSUU at the following link:


Letter & Line
We are grateful for all who have submitted work to this year’s publication. “Why do we publish in 2023?” – because art and literature build community by introducing unique perspectives. Without our community’s hard work and support, we would not have been able to make this happen. So, again, thank you to those who have submitted, and to you, for reading our publication. We are grateful to share this experience with you and to journey together: escaping into our collective creativity, risking our truth, and grounding, together, in this dewy Pacific Northwest community. Enjoy!