Sylvania Student Writing Contest Winners and Essays

Andrew Cohen

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the Sylvania Student Writing Contest and to post the winning essays here.

Winners: “Childish” by Joella Fagerberg & “Crashing Against The Rocks” by Corey Shaughnessycontest

Finalists: “You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train” by Dylan Mueller; “I’m So OCD” by Gracia Elena Durón, and “You Can Never Be Too Prepared” by Tiffani Graves


Winners:  “What Death Reveals About Us” by Byron Linck & “Professional Women: Social Expectations” by Hannah Griffin

Finalists: “Venomous Love and an Ice Bucket” by Christina Dubicki, & “Letter to John Okada” by Ngoc Yen Nhi Nguyen

Creative Writing

Winners: “Consequences” by Amanda Cobb & “17 Years” by Dave Loughlin

Finalists:  “My Grandma” by Ngoc Yen Nhi Nguyen; “Light Filtering In by Isabella Dillashaw; “Catching Frogs” by Chella Foster-Flynn; and “Satan Claws” by Frank McCleskey

Thanks to ASPCC for sponsoring the event and to our judges: Jeff Alessandrelli, Wendy Bourgeois, Nancy Casciato, Matthew Chelf, Andrew Cohen, Bryan Hull, Ivan Kidoguchi, Jean Middlestadt, Megan Savage, and Vandoren Wheeler