Artwork Michael Fujita
Sticks and Stones Dates: January 25 – February 23, 2024 Artist talk and gallery reception: Wednesday, February 14, 11am-1pm Gallery […] Posted February 20, 2024
Form of Indeterminate Purpose by W. Vandoren Wheeler May 3 Social worker dropped it off: only thing left in Dad’s lastest apartment. She said she found it set in the exact center of the living room. Typical Dad, no note. Oblique little trash obelisk. May 7 No contact from Dad for days—no letter, no nothing. No trace, online or elsewhere. He is gone. Gone gone. May 18 I must assume Dad left this worthless trinket for me, but it’s not anything I remember. Started searching through old photographs, scanning backgrounds of snapshots and polaroids. Borrowed a slide projector to cycle through the family shoebox. Late into the night, the carousel’s shu-kah, shu-kah. Stared past us to scan countertops, bookshelves, terra cotta pots-their black holes of soil from which off-green plants spring…. Found nothing. June 11 Sent the mystery token off to a lab. They ran the basics, came back with the obvious: 3.729 ounces, ceramics of unknown origin, 13 gauge steel wire for internal structural support, oxidized by Father Time. “Form of indeterminate purpose.” Wow, thanks. June 16 Not only do I not have any, today I realized I would stomp-squash any hope might sprout. What I do have is this clue. The form is the thing. I can hold it, this solid artifact. This key. I’m turning it into a totem, an unread message. June 22 Sent that stupid mute trash amulet to a better lab, somewhere upstate. Coughed up for the works. June 25 Carbon dating puts it at 1972. Good start, but waiting for results from all available separatory methods: selective precipitation, filtration, complexation, osmosis, Form of Indeterminate Purpose
Forms of Indeterminate Purpose by W. Vandoren Wheeler Posted February 17, 2024
Three images from left to right. Painting of a dark room. Middle image of framed wok with lines moving throughout the composition. Photographic image with a floating cutaway of an interior space with black to blue gradient background. Trace Extractions by Stephanie Serpick, Victoria Smits, and Stefani Byrd
Exhibition dates: January 19, 2024 – February 24, 2024 Opening event: Friday, January 19, 5-8pm; gallery talk 6-7pm Gallery hours: […] Posted December 22, 2023
Painting of person holding out arms with counting hatch marks on the wall behind them. Una Kim | Battlegrounds
The North View Gallery is pleased to announce our January show, Battlegrounds, an exhibition of new work by HARTS (Humanities and Arts Initiative) Artist in Residence, Una Kim. Posted December 16, 2023
Micky B, Kai & G Connection | Isolation Connection: Isolation, a film by G. Chesler
A documentary film and act of witnessing what has been lost, gained, and revealed to trans and gender variant people […] Posted December 4, 2023
A layered image of Hannah and Emily. Emily is swinging a rope attached to a chain, taken from a hammock. Hannah is wearing the same object around their waist. The two are layered on one another, and ghostly images of them jumping onstage are in the background. Behind it all, and peeking through the left side, is the hammock chain on bright pink fabric. This image is extremely collaged. aesthetics project by Hannah Krafcik and Emily Jones
installation, video, and live performance exploring the relationship between aesthetics and intuition Posted November 5, 2023
Where wolf Andrew Myers
Where Wolf Dates: September 25 – November 30, 2023 Artist talk and gallery reception: November 15, 11am-1pm Gallery hours: Monday […] Posted October 23, 2023
Artist Nuria Montiel holding up a print she just pulled. A Conversation with Nuria Montiel
A conversation with Mexican printmaker Nuria Montiel and Alberto McKelligan Hernández, discussing the history of political printmaking in Mexico, as well as the contributions of women artists to this rich artistic tradition. Posted October 17, 2023
Photograph of a face with closed eyes and blood on the forehead against a black background. Red text is superimposed across the photograph stating Volcano, new works by Jenn Sova, curated with Jodi Darby, 10.4 - 11.4.2023, Paragon Arts Gallery. Volcano by Jenn Sova
Installation and video exploring rage and gendered violence, opens 10/4/23. Posted September 25, 2023
Full view of the wrapped mountain installation. Vanessa Calvert | I don’t know about you, but I just want to be held
The North View Gallery is pleased to invite you to experience a work in progress as the artist Vanessa Calvert constructs a new site-specific installation; I don’t know about you, but I just want to be held. Posted September 20, 2023