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Sylvania North View Gallery

Work from the Sylvania Art Department Faculty

Landscape drawing with black frame. The charcoal drawing is of a swing set in a field of snow. In the foreground of the drawing is white snow. The middle ground depicts three empty swings, with the legs of the structure (drawn as upside down V shapes) in between them and on either end of the structure. In the background are trees. The drawing is in subtle black and white tones and the overall mood of the piece is stillness and quiet.Vanessa Calvert – Bruce Conkle – Myra Day – Kowkie Durst – Karen Esler – Gene Flores – Tatiana Gebert – Bethany Hays – Maria T.D. Inocencio – Todd Johnson – Rochelle Kulei-Nielsen – Kim Manchester – Nathaniel Marcel – Amy Petit – Theresa Redinger – Zeinab Saab – Crystal Schenk – Rachel Siegel – Tatiana Simonova – Mark R. Smith – Mandy Stigant – Charles Washburn

February 20 to March 14, 2020
Opening Reception:  Thursday, February 20, 1-2 PM

Panorama view of gallery with several artworks installed. At the left are a series of small prints in black frames hung on a white wall. Further along the wall as it recedes into the background are other framed artworks and a small red and blue sculptural element along the wall on the floor. At the far right of the image is a pedestal with a ceramic sculpture on top, and a small wall with framed pieces. The back wall has several multi-colored paintings and other wall two dimensional pieces. Several pedestals are placed throughout the gallery. Two smaller walls are in the center background, one with a colorful series of eight prints, the other with a single wall mounted artwork. Hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room is a sculptural installation consisting of many strips of paper with green leaf shapes.

  • Detail of an ink drawing on tar paper. Slender parallel lines drawn in white ink create abstract grid forms across an uneven surface of black and brown tar paper. The forms are like layers of torn gauze draped beside and on top of each other.
  • : Oil painting of a mythical animal that has the head and hooves of a sheep, but has two pairs of ears and eight eyes across its forehead. The animal faces the viewer directly, showing its head, front legs and torso, but the rear legs are not seen. A wound on its chest pours orange blood into a golden chalice. Gold rays eminate from its head. The animal is painted in shades of pink, white and yellow and is set on a black background.
  • Still image from a video. Flesh toned forms resembling human parts - arms, hands and a torso - are depicted as different planes that are cut and layered and placed across the foreground of the image. Smaller gray and white abstract angular forms, also like cut outs, are at the center. The planes seem to vibrate across a white background, with hints of light yellow hovering around the spaces.
  • Ceramic vase like form sits on a white pedestal, with another ceramic object behind it on the upper left. The ceramic form is narrow at the bottom, widens in the middle, has narrow shoulders, becomes narrowest at its nect and widens again at the top where there is a round opening. The surface is glossy and the design is of bluish black dots that wander across the body of the vase with large areas of white abstract forms on the lower right and on the middle left. The rest of the vase is a yellowish beige with light streaks of orange in some areas.
  • Intalglio print that has been hand colored. A male figure dressed in the style of indigenous people of Central America is laying back on an elaborately decorated platform. His body is seen in profile. The base of the platform looks like the base of a tank, with gears and a tread. Protruding from the mouth of the man is what looks like the barrel and scope of a weapon, and a tall plant grows out of that barrel. In the background is a cloudy sky with a band of light blue at the top. A colorful border frames the image. Predominant colors in the work include green, red, yellow, brown and blue
  • A small format accordion book is open and sitting on a white surface. The book is handpainted in watercolors, and has over a dozen pages, each 3 inches square. The pages on the left show calligraphic lettering in red and black. The pages on the right each portray an illustration of a cat's face in front of a gold circle. At the center of the image is the face of a dog in a gold circle. The book has is bordered on top and bottom with an eight of an inch strip of brown.
  • Watercolor painting of folded clothes and fabrics. The fabrics are layered on top of each other in a mountain form, with the horizontal lines of the folds appearing like layers of geological strata. There is light blue at the bottom, shades of light grays and browns in the middle, an orange diagonal that dips down to the lower right corner, and light greens on the top of the mound. The background is mostly white with light pinks and grays.
  • A sculptural installation hangs from the ceiling of a gallery, with a grey concrete floor below and other artworks on a white wall in the background. The installation consists of strips of white paper with green paper leaf shapes attached to each other end to end. These hang at different levels but do not reach the floor. Each strip is suspended from a wooden bar that is attached to the ceiling joists. The leaves create a small area for a viewer to stand under.
  • Digital photograph of a still life arrangement set on a gray reflective surface, with a darker gray background. A round black form serves as a base for a number of items: a silver tin can with an indigo triangle on top of it on the right; a silver stem with a red cube and gold vase beside that; a white goblet on its side in front of the tin can; on the left a ribbed silver form with a gold wire shape on top of it; behind on the center and left is a piece of wood plank, cut at an angle and sitting on end.
  • Abstract painting with a rounded pear shape in shades of yellow, orange, red and black. A black line bisects the painting as it forms a horizontal mound. The background is painted in blended shades of white, grey and yellow.
  • A cyanotype print in a black frame. A central female figure with a birds head, wears a skirt of feathers, and has bird claws for feet. A lace doilly is behind her, like a halo. Surrounding the iconic form is an undulating border or hands with knitting needles. The image is printed in tones of indigo and white, with a very dark blue in the background.
  • Open sketchbooks lay beside each other in a vitrine. On the lower right an open book shows two pages of ink drawings of an imaginary armored vehicle, and a pencil drawing of a dog. Above that is a sketchbook page with a gridded set of scenes layed out comic book style, depicting figures and interiors. On the lower left is a large ink drawing of a figure surrounded by fantastical foliage, and above that a smaller drawing of the head of a character with worm like hair.
  • A sheet of copper is cut out to look like a sheet of paper torn from a spiral bound notebook. Etched into the copper is the alphabet, depicted as if it is a child's exercise in cursive handwriting.The sheet is bent and installed vertically on a white gallery wall. On the upper right of the sheet are a series of small holes that have white light emanating from them.
  • An installation on a gallery wall and floor presents a cloth dAmerican flag that has come apart. On the wall are the parts of the flag that were the stripes – six stripes hanging vertically from the strip of white fabric with brass grommets on either end. on the floor are a jumble of red and blue thread that might have been the red stripes and blue field of the flag. Scattered on the blue are the embroidered white stars.
  • A complex abstract geometric pattern drawn in ink on handmade paper. The pattern shows sun shapes, each with a yellow center, and bright pink triangular rays emanating from them. Each star is surrounded by pinkins gray, dark purple and yellow diamonds and triangles. These are all connected by a salmon orange grid with pinkish grey octagons placed at regular intervals. The pattern is uneven, and undulating.
  • Sculptural installation made of stoneware and porcelain, placed on a concrete gallery floor, with a white gallery wall in the background. The installation features a sculpture of a lifelike depiction of a small boy sitting crosslegged on the floor. There are four large stones arranged around him. The boy and stones are monochromed in a dark brown color. On top of the stones and the boy are sculptures of white barnacles, also realistically rendered. The boy is looking at the stones.
  • Digitally illustrated portraits are displayed in a grid of 2 rows, each with four brightly colored rectangles. Each portrait is of an individual, and a paragraph of text below each person contains a quote from that person. Colors include green, orange, pink, yellow and blue.
  • The image is of a small, horizontal, rectangular etching , printed at the center of a sheet of off white paper. The etching has a series of abstract, parallel, horizontal, lines across a dardk grey field, with several wavy lines of different sizes and thicknesses interspersed among them. A striped border is at the edges of the piece and surrounds the lines. The print is monochromedin dark greys, and added graphite.
  • At the center of the image is a statue of an elk standing on a pedestal. To the left, right and above the elk are many tents that are smaller in size as they get closer to the top of the picture. Across the bottom of the image is a border made up of small, rectilinear, striped forms, each directly adjacent to the other. Directly above the elk is another series of these striped rectangles that seems to hover in the midst of the tents. The background is a yellowish ivory color, the elk is a dark gray, the tents and stripes are in bright shades of breen, yellow, red, blue, orange and gray.
  • The image is of a ceramic bowl that is shaped like a low, wide basket. There is a handle at the center of the basket shape, and the inside is decorated with orange circle shapes. The glaze on the ceramic is a light brown. The artwork sits at an angle to reveal the decorative interior. The background is white at the bottom of the photo and fades slowly to black as it goes to the top.
  • A ceramic vessel sits on a white surface, in front of a grey background. The vessel is a V-shape, with a narrow rounded bottom, and sides that rise steeply as they go up. The opening at the top arcs down in the middle. At the center of the piece is a vertical opening that reveals a series of horizontal openings in the wall of the form. The design features a striated white area on the right that moves across to the left at the top of the piece. The rest of the left side is a mottled beige and ochre color and the bottom is a rusty orange.

Gallery Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM

Directions:  Follow signs to bookstore and visitor parking.  Gallery is located in the Communications and Technology (CT) building, adjacent to the bookstore on the NE corner of campus.