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Posted in February 2020

Landscape drawing with black frame. The charcoal drawing is of a swing set in a field of snow. In the foreground of the drawing is white snow. The middle ground depicts three empty swings, with the legs of the structure (drawn as upside down V shapes) in between them and on either end of the structure. In the background are trees. The drawing is in subtle black and white tones and the overall mood of the piece is stillness and quiet. WHAT IS CONSIDERED AND SHARED
Work from the Sylvania Art Department Faculty Vanessa Calvert – Bruce Conkle – Myra Day – Kowkie Durst – Karen […] Posted February 12, 2020
Diana Puntar sculptures Meat Rock…Rockers
Artist: Diana Puntar Dates: February 17 – April 24, 2020 Artist talk and reception: March 4, 1-2pm Gallery hours: Monday […] Posted February 11, 2020
details of works by Meghan Hedley and Matthew Sproul Parallel Exhibitions: Meghan Hedley “Elemental Meditations” and Matthew Sproul “Brighter Worlds”
Paragon Arts Gallery at PCC Cascade presents two parallel exhibitions: Elemental Meditations by Meghan Hedley in our West Gallery and Brighter Worlds by Matthew Sproul in our East Gallery. Visual and interactive, the exhibitions offer paintings and drawings in eye-popping bright colors with shapes, symbols, and marks to delight the psyche. Posted February 9, 2020