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We are here to help you take ESOL classes!

PCC campuses are open. We have in-person classes at PCC. We also have some remote classes. You must have a good Internet connection, a laptop, headphones, and a microphone to take a remote class from your home. We will help you take an ESOL placement test, register and get ready to take classes. Help with technology is also available. Please contact us!

  1. Fill out the ESOL Student Form. An ESOL representative will contact you.
  2. Do you need help?
  3. If you are an international student (F1 Visa student), contact international@pcc.edu or 971-722-7150.

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Placement testing

At Sylvania, students may take the ESOL placement test on any day of the week except for Sunday. Testing is continuous, but placement  for any term begins about six to seven weeks before the beginning of the term. Students who take the placement test after the first week of classes will have to wait until the following term to take a class.

Steps to get started

  1. Fill out the admissions form.
  2. Call 971-722-4533 to get the testing schedule before you come to campus.
  3. Go to the Testing Center in Room 212 of the CC Building, Sylvania Campus, at the time a testing session is scheduled to begin.
    • Bring a picture ID card, such as a driver’s license or a passport.

After you have taken the test, you will be given a date and time to come back to the Sylvania Campus for an orientation and advising session.

Please note: Come in and take the test as early as possible – classes fill quickly!

Current class schedule

Most terms, two sections of each course are offered. See the main ESOL website for details about the program.

Level 1, 2, 3 (non-credit only) have morning and evening classes. Levels 4 and 5 (credit or non-credit) have morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Levels 6, 7 and 8 (credit only) have morning and afternoon classes.

Textbooks required for these classes are listed on the PCC Bookstore website.

Sylvania ESOL student magazine

ESOL Ambassador cover

The ESOL Ambassador is a semi-annual publication of the Sylvania ESOL Department. Material is submitted by teachers from all levels the program.