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Paying with a scholarship


I won a scholarship!

Congratulations! A scholarship is a great way to pay for college, but they usually have conditions attached. For instance, some scholarships can only cover specific courses, whereas others cover parking, books, and living expenses. Your donor will spell out exactly what they do and don’t allow in their award notification to you and in the letter of instruction they send to the college.  If your scholarship doesn’t cover your full tuition bill, you will need to pay the difference by the payment due date.

How can I tell if PCC has received my scholarship?

Once your scholarship is set up, there are several ways to tell using MyPCC:

  • Look for the scholarship email sent to your MyPCC account with details about your award, including any book allowance.
  • A scholarship payment will show in your Account Summary by Term. To get there, visit the MyPCC Paying for College tab and click Student account information in the My Account channel.
  • You’ll see the green check on your chair in the Don’t Get Deleted channel.

Your scholarship will protect your courses from being deleted so long as it is received by the payment due date. If your scholarship is late, contact your donor to see when your award will be sent. If your scholarship has not been received by the due date, you may need to set up a payment plan or find another way to pay.

If you are receiving a PCC Foundation scholarship, they are typically posted 2 weeks before the payment due date. PCC Foundation Scholarships are restricted to pay for tuition, fees, books, and other program-related expenses.

Can I charge books to my scholarships?

Read the scholarship email to see if you have a book allowance. If your scholarship covers books, we will set up an account for you at the PCC Bookstore. Book allowances are set up starting 2 weeks before the term and must be used by the end of the 1st week of term. If you have questions, call 971-722-2703.

Want to apply for a scholarship?

See the scholarship page for information about applying for scholarships.

Are you a private scholarship donor?

Read our private scholarship donor guidelines.

This page applies to scholarship funds that are received from the PCC Foundation and outside organizations. It does not apply to tuition awards provided by PCC – see Tuition Waivers for more information.