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AmeriCorps is a program that provides tuition vouchers for volunteers in service to America. If you are eligible for an AmeriCorps voucher, you can use it to pay your tuition and related costs. Students must request funds via the AmeriCorps online process.

How to use AmeriCorps vouchers

  1. If you are a new member, register for a new AmeriCorps Member account and allow 24 hours for your account to be activated.
  2. Register for classes at PCC.
  3. Log in to your Americorp Member account to request your funds. Specify which term the funds are for.
  4. After your request is submitted, the PCC Financial Aid Office will certify your request based on your registration.
  5. Monitor your AmeriCorps account; confirm your request shows “received and accepted by institution”.
  6. Monitor your account on your MyPCC Paying for College tab. Your AmeriCorps payment should be posted to your account within 45 days from the date your request was accepted by PCC.

For help, contact the AmeriCorps Student Hotline: 1-800-942-2677.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my AmeriCorps funding protect my registration?

Your registration will be protected from deletion as long as PCC receives and posts your AmeriCorps funds by the first Friday of the term. To view your account and make sure your courses won’t be deleted, go to the MyPCC Paying for College tab. If your funds won’t be received in time, you will need to have another payment method.

Can I charge my books at the PCC Bookstore?

Once your AmeriCorps account shows “accepted by the institution” you can charge purchases at the bookstore. You may only charge books through the first week of term. You will need to bring a photo ID and provide your PCC ID number.

Can I pay for my classes so I don’t get deleted for non-payment?

Yes, you can pay your charges by the due date and PCC will reimburse you when your AmeriCorps funds arrive.

Can I use AmeriCorps funds to pay for non-credit classes?


My request was denied. What should I do?

Verify that you are registered for the term in which you requested funds. You may contact Josephine Hunter in the financial aid office ( if you have questions about your denial.

If I request more funds than I need to pay PCC, when will I get a refund?

AmeriCorps payments in excess of the amount of your bill will be refunded to you beginning the second week of the term. If you are also receiving financial aid, your refund will be processed through the MyRefunds program. Otherwise, your refund will be mailed to the address on file with PCC. Be sure to include your social security number on your PCC profile so your AmeriCorps funds get properly credited to your PCC student account.

My funds were delayed. Will you waive the late fee?

Possibly, late fee waivers are granted based on individual circumstances.

Can I use AmeriCorps funds to pay my past due account?

Only if you were an active AmeriCorps member and eligible to receive funds before you incurred the debt with the college. Otherwise, you cannot. Contact the AmeriCorps Student Hotline (1-800-942-2677) for more detailed information.

Can I keep my AmeriCorps funds if the class is cancelled or dropped?

No, you are only eligible for AmeriCorps funding if you attend class. PCC is obligated to return funds to the AmeriCorps program if you do not attend.