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Payment plans

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Signing up for a payment plan in PCC-Pay

Going to college does not have to be a financial burden. Our interest-free payment plans are a smart way to pay college costs. Payment plans let you spread the cost of your education into affordable monthly or bi-weekly payments. Use the tuition calculator to estimate what your payments will be.

How to sign up

A new payment plan must be set up each term. To be eligible for a payment plan, you must owe at least $150 in eligible charges.

  1. Sign up in PCC-Pay

    During the enrollment period, log in to MyPCC and go to the Paying for College tab. Click on PCC-Pay, then click the Payment Plans tab. Sign up by clicking Enroll in Payment Plan.

  2. Choose your plan

    Choose either the three or the five installment plan. A $20 per term non-refundable fee is due upon enrollment. Any down payment you make will reduce the amount of each scheduled payment equally – it will not pay off your first installment. Enrolling late? You will be required to pay your first installment immediately.

  3. Be prepared to pay

    The money will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the installment due dates – make sure there is enough in your account to cover the charges. A fee of up to $25 will be charged if a scheduled payment is missed.

Payment plans: fall term

Type of plan Plan description Enrollment period Installment due dates
3 installments
Pay your bill in three installments. Payments are due every four weeks. First payment is due two weeks before the term starts. Jun 5 to Sep 30

One third due: Sep 11


Balance due in two installments on Oct 9 and Nov 6

5 installments
Pay your bill in five installments. Payments are due every two weeks. First payment is due two weeks before the term starts. June 5 to Sep 30

One third due: Sep 11


Balance due in four installments on Sep 25, Oct 9, Oct 23, Nov 6

Late enrollment Pay 50% of your bill upon enrollment and the other 50% six weeks later. This plan is designed for students taking classes that start later in the term. Oct 1 to Oct 25 50% of the balance is due upon enrollment in the plan starting Oct 1 and the rest is due on Nov 6

What if I want to change my payment method?

You can change your payment method until four days before a payment is scheduled to be taken out of your account. To change your info, you must first add your new payment method and then change to this new method on your payment plan. To add your new payment method, log into PCC-Pay, click Payment Profile, then Add your New Payment Method. After you have added the new payment method, go back to the Home Screen of the payment portal and select your payment plan in the middle of the page, then select Update All Methods located at the bottom of the page to select your new payment method.

What if my class schedule changes?

If you add or drop classes, it’s no problem! Your scheduled payment will be automatically adjusted and you will receive an email with the new amount.

Do you have any payment plans for past due accounts?

Yes, the college offers 3, 6 and 12 installment plans for students who were unable to pay during the term. The plan has to be set up within 90 days of the end of the term and you won’t be able to register for classes until your balance is paid in full. To set up the plan, please contact the Student Account Services office. You will need to be prepared to pay your first installment plus a $25 set up fee when you contact us.

Other functions in PCC-Pay

  • Update your payment profile: Click My Account, then My Profiles
  • Pay off your plan: click Payment Plans, then click Pay Off Plan next to pay off amount
  • View your agreement: click Payment Plans, then click View Agreement
  • View current installment status: click Payment Plans and scroll down