Tuition waivers

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Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for tuition waivers to help pay for college. The most common types of tuition waivers are:

Foster youth waiver

Using a foster youth waiver, former foster youth can receive 100% tuition waivers to earn an associate’s degree at PCC.

Veteran family member waiver

Using a veteran family member waiver, children and spouses of fallen or disabled veterans can receive 100% tuition waivers to earn an associate’s degree at PCC.

Senior options waiver

Using a senior options waiver, Oregon seniors 62 and older are eligible for a 100% tuition waiver for credit classes when taken for audit and when space is available in the class.

Employee waiver

Using an employee waiver, eligible PCC employees and their spouses/domestic partners and children under the age of 24 and defined as dependents under Federal IRS rules qualify for the tuition waiver benefit for classes offered at PCC.

Fees and charges other than tuition are not included in tuition waivers. Since waivers only cover a portion of the cost of attending PCC, you will need to pay the difference by theĀ payment due date.

Programs that offer tuition waivers

Some specialized college programs offer tuition assistance as a benefit of participation. There are usually a very limited number available. If you are interested in learning about these programs that are available on your campus, see your campus dean of students.