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Senior audit and tuition discounts


It’s never too late to learn something new! The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong process, and PCC is pleased to offer senior learners the opportunity to enhance new and existing skills through challenging and intellectually stimulating programs. If you are an Oregon resident who is 62 or older, you may be eligible for free or discounted tuition rates.

Credit classes

Seniors get free tuition for credit classes when taken for an audit grading option. Auditing is taking a class without receiving a grade or credit. As a Senior Audit Student you do not need to meet with Academic Advising or submit transcripts. You can only audit a class if there are still seats available on the first day of class. This 100% tuition waiver does not cover lab fees or other class fees. Many classes fill up early, so space is not guaranteed.

Instructor information
  • In order to register as a Senior Audit Student the instructor must approve.
  • If you approve the Senior Audit registration, please forward the email request and your consent to enroll@pcc.edu.
  • Enrollment Services will register the student after the class has begun. Senior Audit students cannot self-register.
  • Please contact Enrollment Services with other questions.
How to use
  1. To use the waiver, find the class you’d like to take in the class schedule, but don’t register! We’ll take care of that for you.
  2. Contact the instructor via your PCC email account. If you don’t have a PCC account, apply now.
    1. Ask the instructor if you can join their class as a Senior Audit.
    2. Include your G number and the 5 digit CRN for the class.
    3. If the instructor approves you to join the class as a Senior Audit Student they will forward your email and their approval to enroll@pcc.edu.
    4. Enrollment Services will confirm the approval notice within 5 days of receipt and will complete your registration on the first day of class.
  3. After the waiver has been applied to your account, log into MyPCC and pay any fees not covered by the waiver.
    • Please note: Students who complete the registration on their own will forfeit discount eligibility.

Community Education classes

Seniors receive a 50% tuition discount on Community Education classes. The discount does not apply to Ed2Go courses, as well as lab and other class fees. (Limited grants are available to those unable to afford the reduced tuition rates. To apply for a grant, contact Sharon Mouton-Sibley at 971-722-2886.)

See more about Community Ed senior discounts.

How to use
  1. First sign up for your class – see information on how to register.
  2. After you register, contact Student Account Services and request your senior discount. The discount will be applied to your account the following day.
  3. After the discount has been applied, log into MyPCC and pay any fees not covered by the discount.
  4. Tuition discount applies to the currently enrolled term and future terms only, past terms may not be adjusted.