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Disclosures and policies

In submitting your course registrations, you consent to all policies and procedures of Portland Community College, including but not limited to: Student Financial Responsibilities Agreement, Telephone Contact Consent, and Form 1098-T Electronic Delivery.  To avoid financial responsibility related to your registration at PCC, you need to officially drop courses by the published drop deadline.

Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

Registering for courses at PCC requires agreeing with the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Telephone Contact Consent

By providing my telephone number, email, or other contact information, I authorize Portland Community College (PCC) and its agents to contact me using the information I have provided by any means of communications, including but not limited to, calls placed to my cellular phone using and automated dialing service, calls using prerecorded messages and/or SMS text messages, regarding any past, current or future financial or academic record (or critical college business) held by PCC and its agents. I consent to all forms of contact, even if I will be charged by my service provider(s) for receiving such communications.

1098-T Electronic Delivery Consent

My enrollment with Portland Community College (PCC) signifies my consent to electronic delivery of my IRS Form 1098-T for each year that I have reportable transactions. I understand that I may receive, view, and print my IRS Form 1098-T via MyPCC. I understand that I may submit a request to receive a paper IRS Form 1098-T via MyPCC Home tab by clicking on the My Records link under the Quick Links channel and that such a request will not be treated as a withdrawal of consent to electronic delivery. The PCC business office will confirm the withdrawal via MyPCC email. A withdrawal consent does not apply to a statement provided electronically as set forth above before the date on which the withdrawal of consent takes effect. I understand PCC will cease electronic delivery of my IRS Form 1098-T only if I have no reportable transactions during the tax year.

Should my contact information change, I understand it is my responsibility to submit the appropriate change of information form and that I may access my contact information online by viewing the MyPCC My Records link. I understand that my IRS Form 1098-T may be accessed, downloaded and printed on any hardware device that can open, read and print Adobe PDF documents and that the college provides student use computers on campus with the necessary hardware and software to access and print my IRS Form 1098-T. I understand that my IRS Form 1098-T will no longer be available via MyPCC after seven years.

In order to receive my IRS Form 1098-T electronically or otherwise, I understand that I must provide my social security number prior to the end of the tax year. I understand that the college cannot issue 1098-T statements retroactively if I have failed to provide my social security number.

See instructions for how to view your 1098-T.

Student Policies