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Diversity, Identity, and Student Experiences

Education Abroad at Portland Community College is committed to facilitating access to international education opportunities for all students in order to promote an appreciation of cultural diversity, develop intercultural competency, foster better global understanding, and prepare students to succeed in a worldwide economic environment.

PCC education abroad opportunities play a major role in helping students become globally responsible citizens who are able to understand deeply, analyze critically, and communicate effectively. We can provide resources and guidance for students wondering about how their identities may play into their ability to study abroad.

Interested in hearing about other students’ experiences abroad? Check out Diversity Issues in Study Abroad, a Brown University publication including students’ reports of their experiences.

We also invite you to watch Breaking Barriers, a San Francisco State University production on non-traditional students’ experiences studying abroad.

We also recommend a look at IFSA-Butler’s site, Unpacked: A Study Abroad Guide for Students Like Me, which offers student perspectives on different issues of identity and diversity while studying abroad.