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This content was published: June 17, 2020. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

Health and Wellness this Summer

PCC Community Ed

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Health and Wellness is always important, but during the time of a pandemic it is essential. This summer, PCC Community Ed is offering a dynamic range of fun and affordable remote health and wellness classes, ranging from Botanical Medicine to Zumba!


Studies show that taking time for health and wellness can improve immunity, mental focus and emotional wellbeing, but it’s not always easy to take that time out for ourselves. That’s why accountability is one of the key factors in reaching any wellness goal. Participating in a group class can provide that weekly accountability while also creating an opportunity for community connection, another huge factor in wellbeing. Have you been social distancing for three months? Sign up with a friend, and reconnect through Community Ed!

New this Summer

A new program being offered this Summer is individual Health and Wellness coaching. Students can now have their very own coach to provide guidance for their specific goals. Health and Wellness Coaches can give support in areas such as nutrition, stress, sleep, or creating (and sticking to) new life goals.

Learn With Experts

PCC Community Ed offers the opportunity to connect with instructors who are at the top of their field. Students can learn Yoga Philosophy from a licensed counselor, psychology instructor, yoga teacher, and author. They can work out with NASM certified trainers, practice meditation with an instructor from the Mahasiddha Buddhist Center, and learn Pain Relief Gentle Yoga from a certified Yoga Therapist.

Whichever classes students choose, they will be met with a welcoming and knowledgeable instructor who is excited to travel with them on their journey towards optimum physical and mental health and wellness. Explore all Summer Health and Wellness classes below!

Meditation and Mindfulness
Qigong and Tai Chi
Work Out
Personal Training