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Joseph Britton – 3 courses using Mindfulness for Wholesome Living

PCC Community Ed

Joseph britton headshot

What class are you teaching?

3 courses using Mindfulness for Wholesome Living 1. “Disruptors in Science, Politics, Climate, Self-Identity and Religion” 2. “Real Talk about Living and Dying” 3. “Enjoying Giving Speeches”

How long have you been teaching at PCC?

2 years

What do you like about working at PCC?

There is nothing more exciting than being in a learning environment. Students come with an open, fresh mind. We learn from each other and explore new territory. It`s the best!

How did you become interested in the subject matter?

I have studied the far reaches of human consciousness since I was a child. I have forever been fascinated by the meaning and essence of consciousness and attempted to understand it through my engineering work, body movement therapy training , and communications background. I enjoy sharing this knowledge and bring it into my classroom.

What is it about the subject that compels you to remain interested?

My focus is on Mindfulness so that we can live a full life consciously, clearly and with joy. Is there anything more exciting or fulfilling than being awake to the surprises, the mysteries and the meanings of life?

Share an interesting thing that you have learned from your students.

As my classes often get a bit philosophical, when my students show me a new and fresh perspective I deeply love it. For example, talking about time or death or the source of fear can be fairly far-reaching, but new ideas and laughter always lighten up and bring the class environment back to reality.

How will your students be impacted by this class?

Within each of these 3 courses we look at the many ways to challenge the anxieties of modern society through understanding and overcoming our fears along with personally being in a more alive, awakened state; a place where many opportunities arise.

How do you intend to keep exploring this subject matter?

These topics I focus on every day of my life including sharing thoughts with others who teach in these compelling areas of society

What are you doing to stay current in your field?

I do End-of-Life volunteer work and explore these mysteries of life and death with my patients along with researching trends in health care. My Speech clients are from all walks of life – from corporate CEO`s to individuals transitioning out of prisons into society; I love the blend of people as everyone has their own truth to share. For my Disruptors class I meet with Futurists on a regular basis along with staying current on science and political breakthroughs. I often give seminars on these topics open to the public e.g. at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences based in San Francisco, CA), along with IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies).

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