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Community Ed Travel Trips in 2020

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When we said that PCC could take you places, we mean’t that both literally and figuratively. PCC Community Ed offers several travel trips each year – and 2020 is no exception. These aren’t your run of the mill classroom excursions, either (though we do offer those, too)! Join us as we travel – actually truly physically travel – to locations from Baja to Jaipur – and places in between. For more information visit the Travel page. Go global with PCC!


PCC Travel Thailand

[March 1 – 10, 2020] A Taste of Thailand: This small-group tour explores the cultural and culinary diversity of Thailand, a country shaped by many influences. Visit temples, markets, and the Grand Palace in Bangkok; explore the ancient cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai; take a boat to the Golden Triangle and enjoy exclusive cooking demonstrations by renowned local instructors. Deposit due date: December 1, 2019


PCC Travel Holi Hai

[March 3 – 12, 2020] Holi Hai: Explore the highlights of North India, including vibrant markets, majestic forts, dazzling palaces, and the iconic Taj Mahal! Enjoy an exclusive safari to view the Bengal Tigers in Ranthambore National Park and celebrate the colorful Holi festival with a local family in the Pink City of Jaipur. Deposit due date: December 3, 2019. 


Oaxaca PCC Travel

[October 27 – November 4, 2020] This special journey highlights the culture and indigenous spiritual roots of the Oaxacan Day of the Dead. The celebrations take place over several days with most activities taking place October 31st to November 2nd. Our journey compliments these activities by exploring what takes place before and after these dates. Meet with educators, human rights activists, farmers, artists and tradespeople to get a more intimate understanding of Mexico’s past and present. Visit important historical and archeological sites during our time together to learn about the ancient history of the indigenous cultures of MesoAmerica. Learn why Día de Muertos is such a significant celebration for the people of Oaxaca. Experience the bustling market culture where everyone goes to buy the things they need. Indulge in the special foods that are prepared at this time of year, like chocolate, tamales, and black moles. Deposit Due Date: July 23, 2020


PCC Travel Greece

[September 13 – 27, 2020] Discover the magnificent ruins of ancient Greece in their tranquil Mediterranean settings. This comprehensive journey explores Greece’s most important ancient monuments, like the famed Temple of Zeus, archeological site of Olympia and ancient artifacts of Delphi. Explore Athens your way – choose a tour of the incredible Acropolis, or embark on a walking tour of some of the city’s hidden gems. Visit a local farm in the countryside to see how olive oil and wine are produced. Learn how to cook traditional Mediterranean cuisine during a cooking demonstration. Wander the winding streets, vineyards, marketplaces and beaches of Mykonos and Santorini. Explore the excavations of the ancient city at Akrotiri, the most important prehistoric settlement found anywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean. In Athens, enjoy traditional cuisine, wine and entertainment at a family-owned taverna in the lively Plaka district. Learn the history of this fascinating country from local experts on guided tours of Athens, Meteora, Delphi, and Olympia. Deposit Due Date: March 6, 2020

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