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Replenish Your Energy Reserves with the Ancient Healing Art of Qigong

PCC Community Ed

qigong at PCC

The ancient healing art of Qigong (chee gong) is gaining momentum and acceptance in Western medicine – and PCC Community Ed is offering several coursesfor people interested in exploring the practice.

Referred to as a ‘moving meditation,’ the rhythmic movements of Qigong are repetitive and gentle. Coordinated with relaxed breath and mind intention, the forms are easily learned. These movements allow for physical limitations, and can even be practiced from a seated position.

PCC Community Ed Qigong Instructor Rose Allen has been a student of Qigong since 2005 when she met her first teacher, who was leading classes in Laurelhurst Park. When that teacher opened an institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011, she relocated to the high desert in order to immerse herself in six years of deep study and teaching.

Rose accumulated hundreds of hours of classroom instruction, in addition to her own personal practice, and is well-regarded for her devoted study and comfortable teaching style. While at the institute, she also studied yoga, internal alchemy, meditation, gong fu, Tai Chi – and life from a Daoist perspective. A certified Qigong instructor, she has also studied with other Qigong Masters and is quite well-read on the subject.

Rose says Qigong is self-empowering and easy to learn, particularly for those who find other forms of exercise challenging.

Designed to increase the flow of energy in the body, blockages that cause pain and other health problems are released. Rose says pressures and demands can leave us overwhelmed, agitated, and addicted to intensity, but a practice such as Qigong can effectively bring about the necessary relaxation needed for self-healing.

She says her life goal is to share this healing practice with as many people as possible.

“The more abundant your energy level, the easier it is to stay healthy – and Qigong participants build, rather than expend energy during this practice.”