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Three Irish Courses – Including a 12,000 Year Exploration of Traditional Irish Music

PCC Community Education

Clifden Castle 2018

We all experience a bit of Irish culture during the “Green Season” of March. Many people are familiar with the river of green dye in Chicago, or the marches in New York City – or the accent – warmly attempted by experts and neophytes alike. We see Irish culture reflected in pop culture film classics like the Quiet Man, or through musical groups like U2, The Pogues or The Chieftains. But did you know there are organizations in Portland that meet regularly and dig a little deeper into Irish culture?

St. Patrick’s Day festivities are often hosted by local Irish cultural organizations like the Mícheál Ó Domhnaill branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, the All Ireland Cultural Society, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. The lilt of traditional Irish music is common place in the many, many informal music sessions hosted by pubs like T. C. O’Leary’s and Kells. PCC Community Ed also offers three Irish related courses—two levels of Irish Gaelic and a new course exploring 12,000 years of Irish traditional music. Forget Planxty and Van Morrison – this course takes you on a musical journey through the way-way-way-back machine!

These 10-week, non-credit Irish courses are offered through PCC Community Ed and commence during the first week of each term. Please join us!

Irish Level 1.
Irish Gaelic has been the native language of Ireland for over two millennia. It has produced the oldest vernacular literature in Europe outside of Latin and Greek. Explore its unique features and cultural traditions. Register today.

Irish Level 2.
A continuation of Irish Gaelic 1, this class will explore new vocabulary and verb usage to facilitate everyday conversation focusing on likes, dislikes, pastimes, weather, travel, food, etc. Rules of grammar, spelling and pronunciation will be presented. Register today.

Irish Traditional Music: Explore the Living Tradition.
Explore over 12,000 years of Ireland’s musical history, dating from the earliest archaeological discoveries of 10,000 BCE to the revival of traditional music in the early 20th century to present. Folkloric material and archival recordings will be used to illustrate Ireland’s rich musical legacy.  Register today.

Irish instructor Brian o HAirtAbout the Instructor.
Brian Ó hAirt is an advocate of minority languages and cultures. His particular affinity to his Irish heritage has inspired his research of folk practices and customs relating to Ireland’s music, language, handicrafts, and environment. He is also a noted musician, dancer, and teacher currently engaged as a singing mentor for the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program in the states of Ohio and Oregon. Brian teaches Irish Gaelic at language intensives throughout the United States and continues to develop non-conventional techniques for language learning through his non-profit Language Hunters. He is the Irish language officer from the Western US Region of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ)–a world-wide Irish cultural organization–and is a board member of the local CCÉ branch here in Portland where he helps develop curriculum for teaching Irish music, song, and dance to people of all ages.  Brian is humorous and approachable, and aims at make lifelong learners of his students through inquiry, research, and (most importantly) play.