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I have always wanted to try yoga

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I have always wanted to try yoga poster
This is your year! Below are the non-credit classes offered this winter to help center yourself and improve your mind and body wellness:

Yoga: Level 1

Develop flexibility, strength, peace of mind and reduce stress in this strong fundamental introduction! Poses are fun, safe and easy-to- follow; and give you a sense of focused calm. Bring yoga mat.

Yoga for Runners and Walkers

Explore how to work effectively with your breath to improve postural alignment and reduce risk of injury, balance strength and flexibility in key muscle groups and balance effort and relaxation.

Yoga: Gental

For beginners who want a slower paced class or those new to a regular exercise program. Basic yoga postures with modifications to suit student’s needs. Bring yoga mat, block, strap to class. (Students 62 and older are eligible to receive a 50% tuition discount. See for details.)