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I have always wanted to sing!

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I have always wanted to singThis is your year! Below are the non-credit classes offered this winter to help you discover what your voice is capable of:

Cascade Community Choir

Sing, rehearse, and perform in this new community choir. We focus on jazz, blues, rock and roll, r&b, and gospel but we also sing classical music. We put on a concert at the end of each term. Choral experience is helpful but not required.

Concert Choir

Practice and publicly perform a variety of genres, with an accompanist. Previous choral experience helpful but not required. No audition. Buy your sheet music before class begins. Rock Creek PCC Concert Choir is a non-auditioned community choir, founded in 2014 by Pollyanna Hancock Moody, Director of Choral Activities. The choir is a mixed choir open to all singers regardless of experience level. Matching pitch accurately is the only requisite for admission. The Concert Choir performs a concert at the end of every term. The concert choir is offered fall, winter and spring term. Singers are encouraged to join for the whole year. For more information, or to schedule a voice-placement session (NOT an audition), please contact

Jazz Singers Workshop 1

Learn to sing jazz as a soloist with a microphone and an accompanist, in a supportive environment. Learn to count in the band and connect with your audience, as well as proper vocal technique, repertoire and key selection.

This workshop utilizes a 50 page workbook and vocal exercise CD authored by the instructor to introduce students to the art of singing America’s indigenous music, jazz. Proper vocal technique, breath control, using a microphone, counting in, talking musician talk, connecting with the audience, repertoire and key selection are explored as well as what is swing and to do it. Telling a musical story, phrasing like you speak and designing intros and outros are also part of the workshop learning. A professional pianist is in class and a performance at a local jazz club wraps up the ten week workshop.

Jazz Singers Workshop 2

Take your jazz singing to the next level, with advanced concepts, techniques and vocal improvisation. For students who have taken Jazz Singers Workshop 1, or for instructor approval:

Open Voice

Understand your natural voice for more effective speaking, singing and communicating. Experience being open-minded, open-throated and open-hearted. Topics: body as instrument, breath and breathing, rhythm and vibrations.

Singing for the Vocally Challenged

An introduction to how to sing, including breathing, basic techniques, how to hear and stay in pitch, hold a melody and learn your range. All levels welcome. Learn to sing – or sing better – with more ease, confidence and joy. Sing easy songs from around the world to learn the basics of breath control, melody, staying on key, vocal range, and even some harmony.