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I have always wanted to dance

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I have always wanted to danceThis is your year! Below are the non-credit classes offered this winter to help you discover creative ways to express yourself through movement:

90s Throwback Hip Hop Dance
Get into your own groove with fun music and positive energy as you learn new steps. An open level introduction to hip hop with a 90s influence.

Aerial Dance
Dance in the air! Cultivate strength, vocabulary, alignment, musicality and improvisational skills using single-point trapeze, lyra (aerial hoop) and invented apparatus. It’s fun! Taught by Aaron Wheeler-Kay of the Echo Theater Company.

Aerial Explorations
Learn fundamentals on trapeze, hoop, tissu, rope and invented apparatus. Build strength, confidence and grace as you learn to fly. Apparatus varies weekly, to match interests and skill levels of the students. All levels welcome.

Argentine Tango: Beginning
Learn the principles of how to move, how to communicate with your dance partner by leading or following in a comfortable embrace, and how to listen and respond to the music. Create an enjoyable dance in the language of Argentine tango.

Belly Dance: Beginning 1
Learn the basics of belly dance while having fun in a supportive atmosphere. Increase core strength and gain flexibility. For women of all ages and sizes. No black-soled shoes.

Broadway Jazz
These uplifting and energetic classes develop a strong foundation in jazz basics. Get your body moving to classic Broadway and musical theater showtunes. Wear fitness/dance apparel and bring a water bottle. Socks or bare feet ok.

Contemporary Fusion
Mix contemporary dance styles with jazz, ballet and world dance influences. Emphasis on proper body alignment, strength and flexibility, rhythmic musical phrasing and self expression. A fun combination of global music and movement.

Cuban Salsa Dance: Casino
Move your shoulders, hips and feet in coordination with the beat of the salsa tunes of the Casino dance. Differentiate between the two kinds of Cuban claves (beat patterns) so that you can translate the music into your own body movements.

Graceful Hawaiian Hula Dance
Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture through language, history and songs as you learn the graceful art of hula dancing. Led by an instructor with over 25 years of experience, anyone can participate in this low-impact exercise.

Hip Hop
Explore new ways of moving to hip-hop beats, pop, r&b and top 40 dance hits. Learn modern/contemporary hip-hop and funk choreography. Find your inner SWAG! Great for all levels, from beginners to experienced artists. No black-soled shoes.

Jazz 101: Beginners
Increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, fitness and self-expression while learning jazz dance technique in a creative and encouraging environment. Wear fitness/dance apparel and bring a water bottle. Socks or bare feet ok.

Lyrical Dance: Intermediate
Utilize ballet technique and modern movement to create a story through dance and song. Tell your own stories through pieces of choreography. Previous dance background is encouraged, with knowledge of basic turns, kicks and leaps.

Rock Your Body! For Absolute Beginners
Do you want to have fun and get fit? This introductory class offers elements of jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, funk and body sculpting to upbeat grooves. Wear fitness/dance apparel and bring a water bottle. Socks or bare feet ok.

Salsa Fever
Discover sizzling salsa, as well as merengue and bachata. Learn it fast and have fun on the dance floor now. Tuition is per person; no partner necessary. No street shoes.

Street Jazz Dance
Take foundational jazz and mix it with funk, soul, sass and a little hip hop. This class offers fun challenges for everyone; all levels welcome.

Learn the basics of one of the most popular and versatile dances, east coast swing. Get on the dance floor and have fun. We may also dip into west coast swing, jitterbug and hustle. Bring a partner. Tuition is per person. No street shoes.

Tahitian Dance For Fitness
Shake your way into shape while learning basic Tahitian dance steps and toning your shoulders and arms. This 50 minutes of non-stop Tahitian basics and movement class will give you a great workout while having a blast.


Ballet: Absolute Beginners 1
Have you always wanted to learn ballet? Join this class and learn the basics of ballet technique. No experience necessary. Please wear ballet slippers, comfortable athletic dance wear and bring a water bottle.

Ballet: Absolute Beginners 2
Continue to learn the basics of ballet technique. The next step for those with little ballet experience or wishing to continue on from Beginners 1. Please wear ballet slippers, comfortable athletic dance wear and bring a water bottle.

Ballet: Beginner Intermediate
Discover ballet placement and principles of movement and alignment, in this comprehensive barre and center practice class. Participants should have basic knowledge of ballet, positions, steps and terms.


Ballroom Dance: Beginning – Eastside
Get started dancing on the right (or left) foot. We’ll learn basics of 3-5 of the major dances. Explore fundamental lead and follow, and moving comfortably to music around the dance floor. No partner necessary.

Ballroom Dance: Beginning – Westside
Techniques for fast and fun learning to get you on the dance floor now. Learn the basics in foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, rumba and more. No experience necessary. Bring a partner. Tuition is per person. No street shoes.

Ballroom Dance: Intermediate/Advanced – Eastside
Refine your ballroom dance skills with more advanced patterns, dances and subtleties of lead/follow and musical interpretation. More emphasis is placed on technique and development of styling. No partner necessary.