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WOW with PowerPoint and impress with a website

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About Instructor Zita Podany
Zita understands the practical aspects as well as aesthetics of desktop and Web publishing principles. An experienced instructor and trainer, Zita has taught workshops and classes for many years in addition to freelancing in the areas of Web and Print Design. When she has time, Zita enjoys writing, researching, learning, traveling, and pursuing her interest in history, past and present.

PowerPoint Wow!
PowerPoint can be used for more than linear presentations. Create presentations using pictures/photos, text, design elements, hyperlinks, animations that are sure to wow your friends and co-workers. Class discusses design techniques for making PowerPoint presentations which look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Create non-linear presentations to engage people. Great for creating branching content delivery, creating note cards, signs, greeting cards, digital scrapbooks and much more.

PC Web Design Basics 1 and 2 
Great introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS as a way to create and edit Web sites. In this class we cover Web design principles and concepts, file management, image placement, color schemes, and design layouts. Use photo editing utilities to optimize images for the Web. Even if you use online services to create Web sites, knowing the code will help you customize template-driven pages. We will create a small web site using images, links, lists, tables, divs, and css. Topics include layout and design constraints and considerations, accessibility issues, color schemes, copyright, usability, and web hosting. Concepts apply to both Mac and PC platforms.

  • Web design students
  • Web design students
  • Web design students

About Justin Eslinger

Justin is the Graphic Designer for PCC Continuing Education. His responsibilities include designing departmental promotions, student support and customer relations. Justin has an Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design from Portland... more »

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