Fitness Technology

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A Future in Fitness Starts with Fitness Technology!

As our society deals with increasing obesity, disease, and medical costs associated with inactivity, the importance of educated fitness instructors in our communities has never been greater. Companies, government agencies, and community members are realizing that better health and fitness translates to fewer sick days, lower insurance rates, and an overall improvement in personal and professional lives. This means that the need for qualified fitness professionals will continue to rise, particularly as fitness-minded “Baby Boomers” are retiring in record numbers.

Educated and certified fitness professionals are hired in health clubs, community centers, recreation facilities, corporate fitness centers, diet centers, vacation resorts, and hospital or allied-health settings. Our Fitness Technology program provides the coursework, education, and experience that you need to prepare for certification in the field and successfully join the workforce as a fitness professional.

PCC’s Fitness Technology program offers excellent learning classrooms and lab facilities. Students will get hands-on experience on cardio and weight machines, free weights, many types of fitness testing equipment, VO2max testing with a metabolic cart, graded exercise testing with an ECG machine, and many other fitness-related learning environments and equipment (skeleton lab, adaptive equipment, and various PE/fitness classes). See the Program Overview page for more information on the program specifics, certifications recommended, and program costs.

The Fitness Technology program is delivered by dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly qualified faculty. Click on Faculty Profiles for more information on individual faculty members.

Degrees and Certificates

In this program you can earn the following:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • One Year Fitness Technology Certificate
  • Healthy Older Adult Fitness (HOAF) Certificate

The PCC Catalog outlines specific prerequisites and coursework requirements for each certificate and degree.  The program is designed such that a student can earn all three within two years if attending PCC as a full-time student.

The Fitness Technology program partners with the Gerontology program. In addition to the HOAF Certificate above, co-certificates and/or co-degrees between Fitness Technology and Gerontology can be earned.

What's Next?

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  1. If you do not have the required program prerequisites (see Catalog), apply for admission to PCC, register and complete prerequisites.
  2. Attend a Fitness Technology information session.
  3. Apply to the Fitness Technology program.

Course of Study


Employment Prospects

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What students are saying

“I know I’ll gain friends wherever I go, but I love these people here at PCC. My instructors and classmates make it so much easier for me to do this and enjoy the experience. The people are the best thing about this program.” Matt Phipps (2007) PCC Fitness Tech