Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Program Overview

student working in lab with instructor

The Bioscience Technology program at PCC prepares individuals to work in the Bioscience industry, "companies that use science and technology related to living organisms to provide products and services, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices and research".

The program courses combine theoretical and hands-on training with an emphasis on understanding, quality, accountability and communication. The two term Biotechnican Certificate focuses on entry-level positions in industry, with emphasis on basic laboratory skills, principles of measurement, the mechanics of manufacturing, quality systems (working in a regulated environment) and safety. The certificate also serves as the foundation for the two-year Associate of Applied Science.

Students who earn the AAS first complete a set of basic science courses, then a core of technical courses (solution preparation, working with DNA and proteins, assays and other analytical procedures, and preparative or purification procedures, and cell culture). Students may then select electives that either develop these skills further, or provide additional theory/training in crossover areas, such as microelectronics.