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Bioscience Technology

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Bioscience technology is a dynamic field that applies life processes to practical uses, such as the manufacturing of drugs and medical devices, and the research and development of new bioscience products and procedures. Careers are varied. Biotechnicians work in research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, analytical and quality control laboratories, and in the field. The PCC Bioscience Technology Program links basic science fundamentals to laboratory and biomanufacturing applications. The emphasis is on authentic, hands-on experience to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes that are key to success in this field. You start by earning the certificate and have the option to continue on to earn an associate's degree. Both the certificate and the associate's degree provide you with a strong foundation for a career and for further education in Bioscience.

BIT 102

BIT 102 is open to all students to explore the bioscience field. We recommend some experience in biology (BI 112 or 211, or a recent high school biology course, for example) as preparation for Current Topics in Bioscience Technology.

BIT 102
Curr Topics in Bioscience Tech

BIT 105 & Above

BIT courses 105 and above are restricted to students who have applied and been accepted into a certificate or degree program in the department. Students can apply online at www.pcc.edu/programs/bioscience/apply/

At times, exceptions can be made for qualified students to take individual BIT courses without applying and enrolling in a certificate or degree program - please contact the faculty chair or program advisor at www.pcc.edu/programs/bioscience/faculty/

BIT 105
Bioscience Workplace Safety
BIT 107
Bioscience Lab Math
BIT 109
Basic Lab Tech & Instruments
BIT 125
Quality Syst. in Bioscience Te
BIT 207
Cell Culture