Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

For NEW PCC DUAL CREDIT STUDENTS - There is a 2-step process for students who wish to receive college credit for the high school course work through Portland Community College. Step 1 - Apply for Admissions and Step 2 - Register for classes.

RETURNING STUDENTS  - Please select Step 2 - Register for Course in the column to the right.


Before you begin: you must have a personal email address to apply online.  If you do not have one, you can create a free email address by selecting a provider (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo) and filling out their online application form.

See a printable version of these instructions.

  1. Go to www.pcc.edu, under Earn Your Degree or Certificate, click on apply now! This will take you to the Admissions Application page.
  2. Click on the link to Apply Now mid-page in the blue highlighted area.
  3. Select an Application Type  - There are four choices in the pull down menu, select the PCC High School Dual Credit option. (If you select CREDIT as your application type you will automatically be given an Orientation Hold on your account and you will be blocked from registering for your Dual Credit class.)
  4. Apply for Admissions - Select the current term (fall, winter or spring), enter your first and last name with correct capitalization. Click on Fill Out Application.
  5. Application Checklist - Begin by clicking on Name.
  6. Name (1 of 9) - Enter your name information and double check you used correct spelling and capitalization. If you ever received PCC credit, you will want to select YES at the bottom of the page. Click Continue.
  7. First Address and Phone (2 of 9) - Enter your complete address (including your house number) and phone information. Click Continue. The address entered will be  checked against a current USPS database for accuracy. Be sure to enter accurate information and don't forget the city. Verify the address you entered is correct and click on Check the Address. Please Note: If you do not enter a valid address, you will not be able to register (Step 2).
  8. Personal Information (3 of 9) - Enter your email address, gender, birthdate, and other information. Click Continue.
  9. Current Student Type (4 of 9) - Answer this as it applies to you. If you've earned PCC credit in previous years, type number 2 in the text box. Click Continue.
  10. Planned Course of Study (5 of 9) - In the pull down menu, select Dual Credit High School Program-Not Financial Aid Eligible. Click Continue.
  11. High School (6 of 9) - It is very important that you use the correct High School Code. Click on Lookup High School Code, select State and then click List of Cities in Selected State. Select your City and then click List High Schools in Selected Citiy. Select your High School Name. Click on the button that says Copy selected High School information to Data Entry form. Enter your anticipated Graduation Date as June 1, and the year you plan to graduate from high school. Click Continue.
  12. Attending Reason (7 of 9) - In the text box enter the number next to the main reason you are attending (or earning credit at) PCC. Click Continue.
  13. Transfer Status (8 of 9) - In the text box enter the number that best applies to you. Click Continue.
  14. Disclosure Agreement (9 of 9) - By clicking YES, you understand that your academic records may be shared with the high school that you attend for reporting and tracking purposes.
  15. Application Checklist - You should see a red checkmark next to each section of the application. If you do, click ONCE on the Submit Application button and wait for the next page to load.
  16. Admissions Agreement - Click on either I agree to the terms or I do not agree. You must agree to the terms to proceed to registration.
  17. Signature Page - Read this page...You will receive a Congratulations Letter via your personal email immediately following completing the Application. If you do not receive an immediate email, contact the PCC Dual Credit office at dualcredit@pcc.edu.