How to register for classes

Have you completed the first six steps in the new student checklist? Great! That means you are ready to sign up for classes. You can start registering for classes as soon as your registration time opens: see when to register for dates. Registering for classes at PCC is done online - here's how:

  1. Log in

    Log in to the MyPCC. If you can't remember your username or password, use the help links on the MyPCC login page.

  2. Add/Drop Classes

    Go to the MyPCC Home tab, and click Add/Drop Classes in the Registration Services channel.

    screenshot of mypcc home tab with add/drop classes circled
  3. Look up your classes

    Click Look Up Classes, then select the term you would like to register for and click Submit.

    screenshot of registration page with look up classes circled screenshot of registration term page with fall 2013 circled and clicking submit button
  4. Choose the subject area

    Select the subject of your class and click Course Search. (Optionally, you can click Advanced Search to search for classes by campus, classes taught on a particular day, or even classes taught by a specific instructor.)

    screenshot of look up classes page with math highlighted and clicking course search button
  5. View sections

    This brings up a list of all the types of classes available in that subject area. Find the class you are looking for and click View Sections.

    Screenshot of look up classes page clicking view sections button
  6. Check for available seats

    Each row displays a different class and the location, day, time, and instructor of the class. The column titled Rem shows how many seats are available in the class. If there are no seats, check the WL Rem column to see if there are seats on the waitlist.

    screenshot of look up classes page with rem column circled
  7. Register for the class!

    When you've decided which class to register for, check the checkbox on that row, then go to the bottom of the page, and click Register.

    screenshot of look up classes page with checkbox in select column checked, and clicking the register button
  8. Check your status

    On the next page, scroll to the bottom and check for errors. Under status, you should see Web Registered. If you see an error message, this means some thing went wrong and you are not signed up for the class. Follow the instructions in the error message to resolve the issue.