Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Emergency: 911 or 971-722-4444

  • Report a crime, suspicious activity or injury.

Please Note: Students and staff with mobility impairments should notify their instructors and supervisor so appropriate action can be taken in the event of an emergency.

EMTs treat a patient in a stretcherMedical Emergencies
Call 911 and 971-722-4444.
Crime Alerts

Stay informed of current threats.

firemen hose down a blazeFire

Evacuate to the building's Safe Assembly Area (SAA) immediately. Do not use elevators. Stay there until instructed by safety personnel. The SAA's are indicated on Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast and Sylvania campus maps.

building with structural damageEarthquake

Drop - Cover - Hold. Get under a table or stand in a corner and hold onto the desk or table leg until the shaking has stopped. Stay away from windows/outside walls.

Active Shooter (lockdown)

This alarm has a distinct tone different from the fire alarm tone. The alert alarm will sound when the campus is notified of possible shootings in the areas surrounding or on the campus. When the alert sounds and you are in class, follow the instructor's directions.

Bomb Threat

If a bomb threat is reported, do not activate cellular telephones or pagers as they could cause a device to detonate. Follow instructions about whether to stay inside or evacuate.