IT Service Desk

Ticket metrics

Ticket metrics
Month Opened Closed % Closed
Apr-24 3,103 3,191 103%
Mar-24 2,793 3,003 108%
Feb-24 2,612 2,841 109%
Jan-24 3,009 2,828 94%
Dec-23 1,744 1,825 105%
Nov-23 2,483 2,610 105%
Oct-23 3,190 3,208 101%
Sept-23 2,962 3013 102%
Aug-23 3,334 2,510 75%
Jul-23 2,209 2,494 113%
Jun-23 2,716 2,716 118%
May-23 2,697 3,200 119%

Have a computer issue? Let the IT Service Desk solve it over the phone! We have a talented team with a variety of skill sets, and we are here to help you.

Contact us

Phone: 971-722-4400

Work orders: submit | check status | email notifications

Hours of operation

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 8pm
Friday: 7am – 5pm

Contacting the IT Service Desk

Please use the Service Desk to report all computer related issues or to inquire about IT services. If the Service Desk Representative cannot resolve your question over the phone, a work order may be created to track and resolve the issue. We can also help you with login and password issues.

Submit a request

We love hearing from our customers and welcome your calls (971.722.4400). That’s why we are here!  If you prefer to submit a work request electronically, use the IT service request form for general requests.  For network and phone-related requests, please follow guidelines to submit by email

After hours

When the Service Desk is closed you can leave a request for a call back the next businessday. You can also send an email message to Your request will be processed on the morning of the next business day.

For urgent matters listen for the menu option to be connected to our emergency line. See more information.

Before calling the IT Service Desk

Having the following information ready before calling the Service Desk enables us to assist you more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Name of the primary contact person
  2. Phone number where the contact can be reached
  3. Name and phone number of an alternate contact person (if available)
  4. Campus, Building, Room, and Station(s) associated with problem
  5. Application / Operating System associated with problem
  6. If it is a previously reported problem please include the work order number (if available)
  7. A complete description of the problem or change needed (please include the text of any error messages)

Service request process

If the IT Service Desk Representative cannot resolve your question over the phone, a work order may be created to track and resolve the issue. Your request is then reviewed by the team and assigned to the technician who will work on the issue or project. When a solution has been found and the request completed, the ticket status will change to Closed.

When the ticket is created on your behalf, you will receive a Service Request confirmation email from You can reply to this email if you wish to supply additional information; your comments will be appended to the ticket. You may also receive periodic email updates pertaining to your request as the issue is routed and resolved.

Throughout the ticket process, you can call the PCC Computer Service Desk for updates, or simply click the link included in the Service Request notification emails (and log in with your MyPCC username and password if prompted) to view any new comments or changes to the ticket. If you call, it helps to have the ticket number(s) ready.

Technology purchase requests

If your request is for the purchase of new equipment or software, the Technology Buyer will contact you to request specific information. If you have multiple moves/changes/installs, it may be helpful to email an excel spreadsheet to that contains details about who, what and where. Eventually, the Campus Technology Teams will receive that information and get back to you for any clarification they may need. Typically, computer-related purchases may take from 4 to 6 weeks to be received at the college. Additional time may be required for configuration and imaging before they can be installed. For more information contact

Other needs

If you need to add or change a network outlet for a computer, telephone or printer please submit a ticket.

Instructors who need help with their online classes should contact the Faculty Help Desk or work with an Instructional Support specialist. A student who needs assistance can contact the Student Help Desk.