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Sylvania QRC

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971-722-8515 / syqrc@pcc.edu / CC 228

The PCC Sylvania Queer Resource Center is located in CC 228, near the Multicultural Center and Women’s Resource Center. Stop by often for the latest news, information, and upcoming community events and celebrations!

What will you find in the QRC?

A welcoming and safer space to hang out and be yourself. We offer free computer use, free coffee and tea, books and magazines to read, queer-related events, supportive peer advocates and staff, safer sex supplies, leadership opportunities, referrals to other campus resources (such as career advising and counseling) and more.

Hours and location

Sylvania CC 228

We are open Monday-Thursday all instruction days Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms.

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 10am-5pm
Wed: 10am-2pm
Fri: Closed

Summer Term: available by appointment

The QRC is closed during finals week and breaks between terms.


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Contact mae stephenson, QRC Coordinator, for more information. You can also email syqrc@pcc.edu.

Q Club

For more information Q Club meeting times, please contact syqrc@pcc.edu or sign up to receive email updates. Q Club operates Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.