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Multimedia, associate degree

Student working on a digital 3D model while wearing a shirt that says 'this is what a programmer looks like'

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Associate Degree: Multimedia2 years

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Course listing for the 2021-2022 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
CS 160
or CS 140U
or CS 133G
Exploring Computer Science *
or Introduction to UNIX
or Introduction to Computer Games
MM 110 Introduction to Multimedia 1
MM 120 Multimedia Design 2
MM 130 Multimedia Graphic Video and Audio Production 3
MM 140 Multimedia Authoring I 3
Second Term
MM 150 Multimedia Project Review, Testing and Delivery 1
MM 160 Marketing Yourself as a Multimedia Professional 2
MM 230 Graphics for Multimedia 4
MM 235 Digital Video Editing and Production 4
Multimedia Program Electives 3
Third Term
ART 103 Understanding New Media Arts * 4
BA 131
or BA 235
Introduction to Business Technology
or Social Media Marketing
MM 220 Multimedia Design II 3
MM 232 3D Modeling and Animation 3
Fourth Term
BA 205 Business Communication Using Technology 4
COMM 130
or COMM 111
or COMM 112
or COMM 214
Business & Professional Communication
or Public Speaking
or Argumentation, Advocacy, and Debate
or Interpersonal Communication: Process and Theory
MM 270
or MM 259
Writing for Multimedia
or Screenwriting/Preproduction
Multimedia Program Electives 3
Fifth Term
ART 115 Basic Design: 2D Foundations * 3
ART 131A Drawing I 3
Multimedia Program Electives 8
Sixth Term
ART 116 Basic Design: Color Foundations * 3
WR 122 Intermediate College Composition 4
Multimedia Program Electives 4
General Education: 1 course
Seventh Term
ART 117 Basic Design: 3D Foundations * 3
MTH 105 Math in Society * 4
General Education: 1 course
Eighth Term
MM 250 Advanced Multimedia Project Development I 3
 Total Credits96

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