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The MM Program is designed to provide a broad overview of the skills required for employment in the creative services industry. Note: MM students must have strong Mac or Windows computer skills. If you have questions about a waitlist or you would like an override, email multimedia@pcc.edu or call 971.722.5398. For more information on the program see the MM website www.pcc.edu/programs/multimedia/

MM 112
Digital Media Foundations
MM 114
Visual Storytelling
MM 123
MM 199B
Virtual Production & VFX
MM 222
Client Video & Producing
MM 224
Drone Videography
MM 235
Video Editing
MM 239
Advanced Video Editing
MM 254
Character Rigging & Animation
MM 259
MM 261
Narrative Production
MM 263
MM 266
Post-Prod: Color Correction
MM 268
Producing and Directing
MM 278
Game Physics
MM 280
CE: Work Experienc/Multimedia