The MM Program is designed to provide a broad overview of the skills required for employment in the creative services industry. Note: MM students must have strong Mac or Windows computer skills and CAS 111D is highly recommended. Call the above number if you have questions or a class you want is full. For more info see the MM website above.

MM 110
Introduction to Multimedia
MM 120
Multimedia Design
MM 130
MM Graphic Video & Audio Prod
MM 140
Multimedia Authoring I
MM 150
MM Proj Review,Test & Delivery
MM 160
Market Yourself as MM Profess
MM 220
Multimedia Design II
MM 230
Graphics for Multimedia
MM 232
MM 3D Modeling & Animation
MM 233
3D Character Model & Animation
MM 235
Digital Video Edit/Production
MM 246
Post-Production Sound for Vide
MM 250
Adv MM Project Development I
MM 258
Video Comp & Effects II
MM 260
Video Production I
MM 262
Video Production III
MM 264
Broadcast I
MM 267
Special FX I- Green Screen
MM 275
Music Video Production
MM 299Z
Introduction to Unity

Cooperative Education

MM 280
CE: Work Experienc/Multimedia