Video Production and Emerging Media, associate degree

Camera focusing on clapperboardThe AAS in Video Production and Emerging Media prepares students to craft compelling stories using established and emerging video technologies. In a hands-on, project-based environment, participants learn skills for employment and leadership. Video Production and Emerging Media seeks to advance equity and inclusion by broadening access to media technologies and, in collaboration with students and communities, developing more inclusive methods of storytelling. Through an intersectional and multidisciplinary lens, teachers and students prototype the media, culture, and economy of the future.

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Associate Degree: Video Production and Emerging Media2 years

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Course listing for the 2024-2025 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
ART 140A Introduction to Digital Photography * 4
MM 112 Digital Media Foundations 2
MM 114 Visual Storytelling 3
MM 116 DIY Video 2
MM 235 Video Editing 4
Second Term
MM 125 Video Industry Survey 1
MM 129 Sound Production 4
MM 230 Graphics for Multimedia 4
MM 259 Screenwriting/Preproduction 4
MM 260 Video Foundations 3
Third Term
MM 134
or MM 145
or MM 146
Directing for Narrative
or Acting for Recording
or Directing Actors for Recording
MM 236 Digital Media Distribution 3
MM 239 Advanced Video Editing 4
MUC 218
or MM 279
Digital Arts & Equity
or Accessibility in Digital Development
Fourth Term
MM 237 Video Compositing and Effects 4
MM 261
or MM 269
or MM 126
Narrative Production
or Production Design and Art Direction
or Sound for Picture
MM 263 Cinematography/Lighting 4
General Education
Fifth Term
MM 228
or MM 215
360/VR Filmmaking
or Introduction to Stop Motion Animation
MM 258
or MM 266
Advanced Video Compositing
or Post-Production: Color Correction
MM 262
or MM 222
Documentary Production
or Client Video & Producing
General Education
Sixth Term
MM 271
or MM 224
or MM 123
Interactive Storytelling
or Drone Videography
or Podcasting
MM 275
or MM 267
Music Video Production
or Visual Effects Production
MM 284 Portfolio Development 3
General Education
 Total Credits90

Could be used as General Education

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