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Landscape Technology

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Students working together to landscape a space

Sprouting Diverse Skills

In a temperate rainforest like Portland, it’s hard to ignore the natural beauty and not marvel at nature’s continuing regeneration. Many take advantage of the long growing season and the moisture that can yield abundant crops, ornate gardens, and artful landscapes. While it may seem like all you need to become a landscaper is a green thumb, the art and science of professional landscaping requires some very important skills. Our Landscaping Technology program offers courses in biology, horticulture, mathematics, and landscape knowledge, providing you with basic skills and a solid foundation.

Our program has one of the best classrooms available: the Pacific Northwest. Not only is our program situated on the beautiful Rock Creek Campus, nestled in the Willamette Valley between the Coast Range and the Cascades, we also have a large greenhouse and growing facility. Our proximity and vast resources allow you to develop a broad background of skills in landscaping and horticulture and also earn specialized certificates.

Students may take the LAT Math Challenge Test in an effort to test out of LAT 236, Landscape Math. Please contact the LAT Department Chair, Jenn Peters, to learn more.

Strong Roots, Solid Stem

landscape tech class

Our courses offer you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while acquiring important academic knowledge of horticulture. For example, in our irrigation class, you install an irrigation system, or in the construction area, you will build fences, retaining walls and paver patios. At the same time, you may be attending classes in plant propagation, landscape illustration, or tree care. This combination of coursework allows you to establish the knowledge and technical skills from which you can build a stable career.

Typically, a class meets for five hours once a week, with at least half that time spent in practical application. We offer you the opportunity to prepare for entry-level and supervisory work in landscape construction, landscape design and landscape management. More than a dozen members of the landscape technology advisory committee help keep the program up-to-date and relevant. They include landscape contractors, suppliers, greenhouse growers and other professionals in the field.