Facilities Maintenance Technology


student at work in class

A facilities maintenance technician installs, maintains and repairs HVAC/R (heating, venting, air conditioning and refrigeration) and other equipment and systems where environmental quality is essential to success of the company. Other specializations may include advanced digital control of computerized systems, natural gas equipment, and fiber optics. While students are encouraged to specialize, most graduates will be expected, at minimum, to be proficient in:

  • Electrical concepts
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Problem solving methods
  • Written, verbal and electronic communication
  • Preventive maintenance skills

What will I do on the job?

Facilities maintenance technicians work in the semiconductor industry, large health care facilities and other heavy industry organizations. Some job tasks include determining problems in facilities systems, performing corrective maintenance, performing preventive maintenance, installing facilities systems and ensuring facilities systems are operating at optimum performance.

What skills will I use on the job?

Besides basic heating, ventilation and air conditioning/refrigeration, the Facilities Maintenance and Industrial Technology programs at PCC offer in-depth skills training in water treatment, programmable controls, adjustable speed drives and boilers. Students may become prepared for today’s often complex mix of facilities.

Who will hire me?

A variety of companies seek facilities maintenance technicians. You may find work from companies such as Intel and Siltronic; public utilities such as Portland General Electric and Northwest Natural Gas; hospitals such as Oregon Health & Science University and Kaiser Permanente; other public education institutions, such as PSU, OSU, and PCC; or HVAC/R service companies.

How much can I earn?

Yearly salaries range from $27,000 to $35,000, depending on licenses and experience.