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Building Construction Technology

Program Overview

Academic Overview

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Our program consists of three certificate/degree options that provide you with the skills you need to specialize in a specific segment of the construction industry: Building Construction, Construction Management; and Design/Build Remodeling. Students wishing to pursue the two-year associate degree also have the opportunity to participate in cooperative education, a program that allows you to receive credit for on-the-job experience; while this is optional in the BCT program, it is required in the Construction Management and Design/Build Remodeling options.

Building Construction Technology

Our hands-on skills based AAS Degree in Building Construction prepares you to enter the home building industry. Students learn real skills in framing, concrete construction, exterior finish, interior finish, and cabinetmaking. Degree seeking students earn an Associates Degree in 2 years, and develop superior construction skills in the process. Beginning at the beginning by learning how to read blueprints well, and by developing a strong understanding of construction materials and methods, our students learn how to frame multiple types of floor and roof systems, how to cut stairs, and how to install expert interior and exterior finishes. Each of these skills are learned by doing it themselves, individually and in small teams. The result of this investment is an employable, living wage worker. Our graduates find careers with general contractors, framers and finishers in the home building industry. Some become subcontractors and general contractors. Many of our hands-on students take just a few additional classes in our Design/Build Remodeling program to become experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, a lucrative niche sector in the industry. Our students complete their work in our industry standard state of the art interior shop, and outside in our dedicated construction yard.

Construction Management

Our AAS Degree in Construction Management offers intensive training targeted at individuals seeking management positions in the construction industry. The curriculum is designed to provide detailed instruction in commercial construction practices, and is taught from the perspective of the general contractor. Students learn the details of scheduling construction projects, estimating construction costs and bid preparation, job costing techniques, and construction project management skills. Coursework introduces students to the structural and mechanical systems used in today's high performance buildings, as well as third party verification methods such as LEED and Earth Advantage. Our curriculum includes extensive coverage of the latest sustainable construction practices, and we feature a wide variety of guest speakers from industry, and incorporate job site tours into the curriculum. Courses provide a strong foundation in both commercial and residential management practices. Students may continue their education at Oregon Tech (OIT) or Southern Oregon (SOU) to earn a Bachelor's of Applied Science degree in Technology and Management. Many of our graduates enter the workforce as Project Engineers for General and Specialty Contractors, or find employment in pre-construction and estimating. Others manage their own residential or light-commercial construction projects.

Design/Build Remodeling

Our Design/Build Remodeling option prepares you to enter the kitchen and bath construction and remodeling industry. One of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors in construction is the design and construction of kitchens and bathrooms. Students in our program learn hands-on construction skills, design skills, and management fundamentals. The program is built on a solid curricular foundation based upon principles established by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), an industry leader in educating professionals in this exciting field. Students take courses in kitchen and bathroom planning and design, mechanical systems for kitchens and bathroom, and business principles for contractors. Students have the opportunity to participate in on-the-job internships, design competitions, and a variety of field trips. This program uses training materials supplied and supported by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and follows NKBA Kitchen and Bath Planning Guidelines. Lead Instructor Hilary Campbell is a Certified Kitchen Designer with the NKBA. The PCC Design/Build Remodeling program is the only hands-on Design/Build Remodeling program in the nation supported by the NKBA.