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Proctored exams for online classes

Proctoring Updates

This information is no longer accurate. PCC is changing its approach to exam proctoring and assessment. Please contact your instructor for details.


Some online classes at PCC may require students take proctored exams. The instructor will list any proctoring requirements on the class details page in the online schedule. Proctoring requirements are also listed in the syllabus once the class begins. Students who cannot attend the instructor’s exam session will be offered alternative arrangements. Instructors must offer students at least one proctoring alternative that is not at a PCC campus location.

Definition of “proctored”

A proctored exam is a supervised test. An instructor or an approved proctor monitor the student during the test.  The proctor ensures that the rules and requirements of the exam are followed.

What is a proctor and why do I need one?

A proctor is a person that will supervise you while taking an exam. Proctors ensure academic integrity during the exam. It is your responsibility to find and/or schedule your proctor in a timely fashion to take your exam.

How do I know if my exams will be proctored?

Each online instructor decides if their exam(s) are proctored. Check the class details page for each of your online classes for any special requirements. Your instructor will proctor exam(s) at a PCC campus location. If you cannot attend that exam session or need an accommodation, contact your instructor to discuss alternatives.

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