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Types of proctoring for online classes

If you are unable to attend the exam session offered by your instructor, you may be offered one or more of the following options (at your instructor’s discretion).

Remember that your instructor’s scheduled exam session is free and is always your primary option. If you are unable to attend the instructor proctored session, you may make use of the alternative arrangements identified by your instructor. Your instructor should offer at least one alternative that is not tied to a PCC location for students who cannot travel to a PCC campus.

Student responsibilities

If you need to make use of an alternative proctor, it is your responsibility to find and/or schedule your proctor in a timely fashion to take your exam. It can take time to sort out proctoring arrangements, so this is not something you will want to put off until the week of the exam. It’s best to work with your instructor at the start of the term to sort out your proctoring arrangements early.

On the day of your exam
  • Bring a form of photo identification
  • Bring only items allowed by your instructor for the exam (e.g. calculator, book, notes, etc.)
  • Bring payment for any proctoring fees and/or mailing costs associated with the test

Students are responsible for any fees associated with their alternative proctoring arrangements.


Any student who experiences a disability related barrier to using an online proctoring system should work with disability services to coordinate alternatives.