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Online Student Resource Center

The Online Student Resource Center (OSRC) is a virtual community and resource collection located within the D2L Brightspace learning environment. The OSRC is intended for all online students at Portland Community College. The community and resources in the OSRC are moderated by the Online Learning student support staff and Student Help Desk staff. The discussion forums within the OSRC are open for all students to use for connecting with their peers and seeking support from our staff. 

What happens in the Online Student Resource Center?

Online student community discussion forums

discussion screenshot

The OSRC discussion forums are available for online students to connect with their peers and support staff, build a community, and discuss issues they find important. These discussions are a great place for online students to ask questions or offer helpful advice to their classmates. In the OSRC discussions, there are no stupid questions, and students who might otherwise hesitate to ask questions of their instructors can seek support and advice.

D2L tool training and practice activities

Within the OSRC students will find tutorial videos and practice activities that will allow them to explore and build confidence with the D2L course tools before their classes begin. Before their classes start, students can familiarize themselves with the discussion forums, assignment tool, quiz functions and all the common course tools they are likely to use in an online class. This allows students to make mistakes and seek help before their classes begin, in a safe environment where they don’t have to worry about impacting their grades.

Online student support resources

The OSRC is also a great place to learn about support resources at PCC that are especially useful for online students. While online students at PCC have access to the same on campus services that all students can use, they also have access to online advising support, online tutoring, and online technical support with extensive hours beyond when campus offices close. We do our best to ensure that online students are offered equitable support services regardless of their location or availability during college business hours.

News and announcements

D2L maintenance announementOnline students need to be informed about technology issues, policy changes, and upcoming deadlines. D2L and the OSRC provide an easy to find, centralized location for us to post alerts, news, and announcements that reach online students where they spend most of their time.

Student success tips

Being an online student requires dedication and self motivation. Online students have to be very proactive in their studies and take responsibility for their own learning. The OSRC provides a forum to learn from experienced online students about their tested success strategies and preferred tools for time management, organization, and staying on top of their school work. Our staff also provides tips and web resources related to online learning tool use, time management, and personal organization.

Student Help Desk supportstudent help desk chat widget

The Student Help Desk provides computer software and online service support primarily for PCC online students. The Student Help Desk staff also helps to monitor the OSRC discussion forums to provide accurate and timely responses to student questions. Because we know our students have busy lives, demanding schedules, and unique needs, it’s our goal to be available where and when they need us. In addition to extensive phone and email support hours, the help desk staff also offer online chat support from their website and within the D2L environment.