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Course Details Page

Every online class at PCC has a course details page. The page is tied to the PCC schedule that gives students specific information about the requirements for the course. Course details pages include information about:

  • proctored exams,
  • in-person or on-campus activities,
  • extra costs,
  • required technologies,
  • anything else the instructor wants you to know before you register for their class.

Before you register for an online class, it’s important to check the course details page. You can find course details pages linked in two places: the online schedule and the MyPCC course look-up tool. Once you navigate to a course in the online schedule, the course details link for each section is located under the “More Info” column.

Course Details link appears in the More Info section of the online schedule.

If you are looking at a course in MyPCC instead, you can access course details by clicking the link that says “WEB”.

Course Details links from the "WEB" label when registering in MyPCC

You will also find contact information for the instructor linked from a section’s course details page. Click on your instructor’s name to find their phone and email contact information. You can contact the instructor with any questions you might have, even before the term begins.

The course details pages also link to textbook information on the bookstore website.