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Finding the right online classes

Do you have a plan?

The first step in choosing the right online classes is having an academic plan. PCC offers a number of online degrees and certificates. You can research your degree and certificate options by visiting our academic program pages.

You can also connect with one of our Career Exploration Centers if you need help exploring career options. They can then help you determine what type of degree or certificate you will need to complete to reach your career goal.

PCC academic advisors are available to help you map out a course plan to reach your academic goal. If you are planning on taking only online classes at PCC, then an Online Advisor can help you get your plan in place. If you are planning on taking a mix of online and on campus classes then you can contact one of our Academic Advising Centers.

Finding online classes

You can search for online class offerings through the online schedule. Fully online classes will have a computer icon designation laptop in the schedule. Keep in mind that some online classes require activities or proctored exams that must be completed at a specific location. Some examples include an on-campus lab session for a science class, or a math class that requires proctored exams which can occur on campus or at an instructor approved testing location near you. Before you officially register for an online class, it’s important to check the class details linked from the online schedule.

click on course details in the schedule

In addition to possible on campus participation requirements, this page often includes important information about required software, special course materials or prerequisites. Make sure to email potential instructors if you have any questions about on campus requirements for their courses.