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Online course development


Development Request Intake Form


A new course development is requested if the faculty or department chair wishes to start with a blank template, generally with little or no existing content. A “new” course is typically one that has not yet been offered online at PCC, or may be another version of a course already taught online (aka “duplicate”).

Timeline for development

New and Duplicate course developments usually take 2-1/2 terms to complete—1-1/2 terms if the instructor has already completed OIO training. Timelines vary by instructor training status.


New online course developments may be compensated by the Online Learning Department or a Program Dean. Not all requests are funded. “New version” or duplicate course developments are not funded.

All courses are developed under the approval of the Program Dean via a Letter of Agreement and include a course review for design quality and accessibility. In the absence of a specific written agreement, all courses may be shared with others at PCC.


  1. Determine if the course meets the criteria for the priorities for online course development.
  2. Identify an instructor(s) who will develop the course.
  3. Determine if the instructor has completed training or if they will need to complete training before beginning the development.
  4. Determine the timeline for development for when you want the course to initially be offered.
    a) With instructor training needed: Allow 1 term for training to be completed, another term for the development work, and then you can offer the course. b) With instructor training completed: Allow a minimum of one term for development work to be completed, then the course can be offered following review by Online Learning and approval of the Program Dean.
  5. Submit the online request form by the appropriate deadline according to the first term the course is to be offered. The request form will allow you to request training and development all at once.
  6. Online Learning will review development requests individually and respond via email once considerations and decisions have been made. Additional questions about the development work may arise and need further clarification.
  7. If approved, Online Learning will distribute a written Letter of Agreement requiring signatures, which outlines the basic development terms, training expectations, timeline for development, and any compensation. Once the Agreement has been signed, development can begin.