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Training, development, revision, and takeover forms

Filling form

Intake form

The Intake form is for division deans and faculty department chairs to notify Online Learning of a request to enroll a faculty in online instructor training or request an online course development, revision, or takeover. Deadlines apply.

Fill out Intake form
  • To request a course development, revision, takeover, or training
  • To enroll an instructor developing or revising a course in the required trainings: FOOT and OIO.

All requests for training and course developments or revisions should align with the priorities for online course development.

Deadlines, Process, Timelines
5 Steps: from request to approval

5 Steps for online training

Infographic: 5 steps for requesting online training, course developments, course revisions, and course takeovers



1. Gather information

The following is the information that you will need to gather prior to filling out the form:


  • Instructor G number
  • SAC approval of course to be taught online (if new)
  • Instructor training status (trained or not trained, look up on online course development report)
  • Desired faculty training dates (if applicable)
  • Intended first teach term
  • Explanation of how the course meets the priorities for online course development
  • Revision starting shell identified by OU, CRN, or last term taught (applies to revisions only)


  • Instructor G number
  • Instructor training status (trained or not trained, look up on online course development report)
  • Desired faculty training dates (if applicable)
  • Intended first teach term
  • Knowledge of condition of course (quality and accessibility standards met or not, OU, CRN or term of course for takeover (look up online course development report)
  • Course developments and revisions
  • Course takeovers
2. Complete intake form


  • The form: http://dlapps.pcc.edu/ Intake form
  • Video tutorials: How to complete the intake form
    • FOOT-only
3. LOA Agreement
  • What the Letter of Agreement (LOA) is
    • The LOA is created after Online Learning has approved the request. When the request has been approved by Online Learning, the dean and instructor receive an email from dlhelp@pcc.edu with the words “ACTION” The COURSE NUMBER, and LETTER OF AGREEMENT in the subject line.
  • Why it is important to review the LOA
    • This is an official agreement specifying expectations, ownership and, if applicable, compensation. Instructors won’t receive a copy of their course or a course shell to work on, until this agreement is signed by the dean and instructor or instructors.
  • What information you need to pay attention to before signing LOA
    • Course personnel
    • Outcomes for development or revision
    • Timeline
    • Terms
    • Click to acknowledge Agreement (action required)
  • Video: How to review and agree to the LOA
    • (Applies to all three forms of LOAs: course development, revision, and takeover)
4. Monitor progress

Deans and faculty department chairs can monitor the progress of a course development or revision

  • What the “Developments & Revisions in Progress” report is
    • A summary of the letter of agreement terms including details about special outcomes, timeline, and compensation and also allows deans & faculty department chairs to view any notes from the faculty mentor and/or other Online Learning staff.
  • Why it is important to monitor the progress
    • Viewing the Development Notes and Timelines sections of this page allows you to know whether or not the course is on track for the intended first teach term.
  • What information you need to monitor
    • Development Notes
    • Timeline

5. Approval by dean

When the course is recommended by the faculty mentor for approval by the division dean, the dean will receive an email prompting review and approval of the course.