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Shared course and takeover requests

Overview for shared course and takeover requests

  • FDCs and Deans can request shareable online courses for takeover. A complete list of courses that are shareable can be accessed using the online course development report.
  • An approved course that is shareable can be assigned to an experienced online instructor any time up to six weeks prior to the start of the teaching term. For untrained instructors or FOOT completers, please view the online training and faculty development timelines.
  • Only approved courses that have met quality and accessibility standards are provided to instructors for takeover assignments.
  • Requests can be made to copy and share an unapproved course for a takeover assignment. However, a Dean will have to choose to waive certain college standards.

Shareable online courses (aka SAC shell)  are courses that are designated by the division or SAC as common course for faculty to teach from. This occurs most often with high enrollment courses where multiple sections are offered and instructors have designed courses collaboratively. These are well-designed and accessible courses that are copied and shared with other instructors to use the first time they teach a course.

Takeover best candidate course shell  is the shell to be copied for the new instructor when a SAC shell (above) is not available. In many cases, this is the most recently taught version of the course. Some sections have multiple versions of shareable courses. The FDC, with the mentor’s help, should identify the best candidate shell before making the request.

Course review status

It is critical for the division to examine their existing online courses prior to making this kind of an assignment. Courses have one of four review statuses; approved, recently reviewed, in-progress (awaiting review), and un-reviewed. Recently reviewed, in-progress, and un-reviewed courses are not recommended for takeover assignments.

  1. Shareable course = Course was developed or revised after Spring 2012 and has met quality and accessibility standards
  2. Recently reviewed course = Reviewed between Fall 2011 and Winter 2012
    • Reviewed for Quality Matters course design, but not reviewed for accessibility
  3. Course awaiting review = In progress. This is a course that was approved for development or revision, but the work is not yet complete.
  4. Un-reviewed course = No record of a review or reviewed prior to Fall 2011
Instructor experience status
  • All instructors teaching online must have either been teaching online prior to 2008 or have completed the FOOT/Online Instructor Orientation (OIO).
  • FOOT completer = An Instructor who has completed the first two weeks of six required weeks of training
  • Untrained instructor = An instructor who has never taught online at PCC and needs to complete the FOOT/OIO sequence; FOOT is offered once per term (during weeks 7 and 8); OIO takes 4 weeks to complete and can be started after completed FOOT.
  • Trained or experienced online instructor = An instructor who has completed PCC’s Online instructor Orientation training or who has been teaching online since prior to 2008.


Training, Development, Revision, and Takeover Form


Contact Heather Guevara with questions about shareable online course requests.