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Q & A

This is the page where most common questions arise from Deans, FDCs and staff.

How to I get access to the Intake Form?

All deans and faculty department chairs should have access to the Intake Form. If you do not have access, please contact onlinecourserequests-group@pcc.edu

How long does it take to complete the Intake Form?

If you gather all of the information needed in advance, the form takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete on average.

Who do I contact for assistance with the Intake Form?

If you have questions about course and training requests or navigating the form, please contact onlinecourserequests-group@pcc.edu

Do I need to contact Online Learning if there is an instructor change on a course?

If the change is during the development process, you should contact Online Learning about the change since there are potentially payment ramifications. If you are just re-assigning a course from one instructor to another, please notify the original instructor so they can back up their course. If you just re-assign the instructor in Banner, it can result in lost content and work for the original instructor. If the original instructor isn’t available, contact the Faculty  Help Desk to make a backup.