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Melany Budiman

Contact info: http://spot.pcc.edu/~mbudiman/ | melany.budiman@pcc.edu

Articles (20):

School closures and delays news segment Use D2L Brightspace to keep your course running 6
Learn some techniques for keeping your campus class running with Brightspace. Posted March 2, 2020
Document icon Create a dynamic syllabus using Google Docs
Melany shares how to make a syllabus file in Google Docs to use in your classes. Posted May 28, 2019
PCC Sylvania campus, snow day, Feb 2019, photo credit to Celina Baguiano Teaching during snowpocalypse 1
This post is for helping face to face instructors continue contact with students should the campuses be closed due to bad weather. Posted February 11, 2019
Laptop with charts onscreen Using Grades tool effectively 3
Melany walks you through several new and important features in the Grades tool to make your life easier. Posted November 12, 2018
School closed due to weather sign Use D2L to shovel out your class 3
A special post for non-online instructors to show how to set up a D2L Brightspace course to keep things rolling when the weather doesn't cooperate. Posted February 21, 2018
large icon- tutorials and tech support Using Release Conditions to guide your students
Explore some interested uses of Release Conditions to guide students through course activities. Posted October 30, 2017
using analytics in your class Learn about statistical tools in D2L Brightspace 1
Explore the bevy of statistical tools within the D2L Brightspace environment to help monitor student progress. Posted July 31, 2017
RC FPL Short videos improve instructor presence – part III
Melany adds a part 3 to her information on using video to improve instructor presence. Posted April 24, 2017
video recording using phone Short videos improve instructor presence – part II
In my last blog post: Short videos improve instructor presence – Part I, I talked about three simple options you […] Posted January 23, 2017
Webcam icon - image from Wikimedia Commons Short videos improve instructor presence – Part I 1
Melany shares 3 easy ways to capture video to add some of you to your online class. Posted December 5, 2016