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Introducing Proctor-ring

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Announcing Proctor-ring, a new biometric tool in the war on cheating.

a test taker is wearing a gauche ring with a stone jewel while taking a paper examStarting today, Online Learning has partnered with the Academic Integrity Task Force and that import shop in the strip mall on Hwy 99 to provide a new, low cost option for improving the integrity of your exams. The Proctor-ring uses mood ring technology to identify common changes in human emotion that have been calibrated to identify academic dishonesty. While many vendors will sell you very expensive tools to combat cheating, the Proctor-ring is cost effective and scales well across all disciplines.

How it works
The proctorring color chart explains what colors are associated with which emotion or breach in academic honesty.

chart: Colors have been calibrated against different emotional states and associated test-taking scenarios.

  1. Student learn about Proctor-ring requirement in Course Details page, including dates and times of exams.
  2. Student can purchase the rings through the online bookstore or through our exclusive partnership with Soul Simple Imports, which has locations in SW and SE Portland.
  3. At exam time, the student goes to testing location and installs the ring on their dominant hand and takes the exam.
  4. In room observer notes any color changes (see chart) and responds based on the emotion being displayed. Note: Observers are able to help defuse stress using a selection of scented oils, inspirational quotes, and breathing exercise.
  5. Student completes and submits the exam for grading.
Online applications

While the Proctor-ring works best in in-person testing situations, it can be combined with other virtual proctoring tools or web conferencing technology to support online exams. The combination of these tools create a super-secure testing environment that is superior to traditional in-class exams.


  • Low cost, low profile, and high efficacy
  • Can help identify and reduce testing anxiety
  • Works on right AND left hands
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stylish
Future developments

While this is a promising start, we’ve already started working on version 2.0 of the Proctor-ring. The original Proctor-ring uses time-tested organic technology, but version 2.0 relies more heavily on the latest in cellular technology and can more readily be deployed in online exam situations. Here’s a preview of the upcoming version.

Proctor-Ring 2.0 Features
  • Near Field Communication (NFI) & Bluetooth technology allow the ring to tether with the student’s phone to send real-time biometric info back to the LMS.
  • (NFI) and Bluetooth simplify payment options for exams.
  • Gyroscope in the ring can detect movement, including unauthorized bathroom breaks.
  • When students exhibit high levels of cortisol, it releases a mist of lavender scent to reduce stress.
  • Once installed, Proctor-ring 2.0 cannot be removed. This ensures students cannot share rings like they do with copies of that quiz that never gets updated and is most definitely floating around the Internet.
  • “Don’t even think about it” technology anticipates urges for dishonesty and sends corrective pulses to the wearer.

Special thanks to Monica Marlo for the inspiration and graphics.

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