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Posted in April 2019

Collage of a chat bubble, profile pic, and document icons Assignments using Google Tools 2 comments for "Assignments using Google Tools"
Rondi Schei shares how she has helped instructors use Google apps to provide collaborative assignments in conjunction with their online course. Posted April 29, 2019
You can now link right to a specific rubric D2L Brightspace 20.19.04 updates for April 2019
Updates for the April 2019 Continuous Delivery release Posted April 26, 2019
what's your story Can online instructors show “selective vulnerability?” 6 comments for "Can online instructors show “selective vulnerability?”"
Back in January, I was pleased to see that many online instructors responded warmly to my post about becoming a […] Posted April 15, 2019
PCC Online Faculty Summit Postcard Summit 19 Announcement
Highlights of our upcoming 2019 online learning summit. Posted April 11, 2019
a test taker is wearing a gauche ring with a stone jewel while taking a paper exam Introducing Proctor-ring 9 comments for "Introducing Proctor-ring"
Learn about this exciting new wearable biometric technology to enhance academic integrity in your exams. Posted April 1, 2019