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Announcing Darkspace for Spring 2018

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We’re pleased to announce the latest visual update to D2L called Darkspace. This latest update is a response to feedback that Brightspace was too “cheery,” “light,” and “it woke the neighbors when I was up late studying.” With Darkspace, you’ll get the same featureful, mobile-friendly experience without the drain on your battery.

Darkspace, the newest update for D2L.

Darkspace interface update shows attention to fine detail.

One bonus of the update is that we now have the most metal LMS on the market. Your learning experience is about to get way more hardcore.

Sleek, mobile friendly design

Lead Darkspace designer working on a laptop.“When we set out to design Darkspace, we kept going back to the core design idea that black is slimming. And with mobile, you need a slim interface to fit on those phones. Everyone wants to learn on their phones.” ~ Lead Designer

“Accessibility is important to us. We’ve worked hard for years to make our platform accessible to all users. But this is a metal release, and we thought “what could be more metal than making the platform equally inaccessible? We’re the first LMS to use black font on black background.” ~ Darkspace UX expert

Darkspace icons

No detail was overlooked. Even the navbar icons got a brutal update. Design by Joshann Schoen-Clark.

Student testimonials

Metal vocalist Gene Summers sings into a microhone.

Student and frontman Gene Summers

“This update is the most metal thing to happen in technology since the double bass drum pedal. Or maybe the double-neck flying V guitar.”

When I’m on the road, Darkspace lets me keep up on classes. My vocals classes are only hybrid, but someday I hope they will be fully online. I’ve got a European tour coming up.”

“The new notification bell sound lets me know when I have an update from my teacher. I can’t see what the update is, but I’m glad my teacher is in contact with me.”

Release date

Darkspace will be hitting your screen (and your face) on April 1st, 2018.

About Andy Freed

I'm the Director of Learning Technology & Innovation (LTI!), where I oversee our infrastructure, technical support, and online student services teams. I've been with the College since 2001 and have worked in several positions, from tech... more »

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x (Comment #32649) by Peter Seaman 4 years ago (Comment #32649)

The bigger question for me is: Will this blog post make one of those “Top Ten April Fool’s Joke” lists? :-)

x (Comment #32655) by Jamie Ferrazano 4 years ago (Comment #32655)

DarkSpace made its way to the south east. I have personally reached out to our D2L rep to ask if we can jump on the most inaccessible LMS on market. Really cutting edge stuff!!

Well played, Andy. We at St. Petersburg College really enjoyed this! :-)

x (Comment #32672) by Monica Marlo 4 years ago (Comment #32672)

I heart my team so much. Missed this on April 1st, so needed it today. Thanks. :)

x (Comment #32697) by Michael Trigoboff 4 years ago (Comment #32697)

I just ran into this, and it had me fooled for a while because they just introduced (for real) a new dark user interface for the YouTube app.

I might actually prefer a darker user interface for D2L.

Very clever and amusing.